Where to find Great Wirebugs and Jewel lilies locations in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise’s Great Wirebugs are a larger variant of the standard wirebugs you can use in movement, recovery and combat.

Great Wirebugs act as shortcuts for helping you explore each map without you having to use your own wirebugs.

Their uses vary, as some can transport from one side of the map to the other, others take you up to much higher ground that would be more difficulty and time-consuming to do with just the normal wirebugs, and others are seemingly in tricky places in the first place just to compel you to explore.

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Watch Capcom’s video on how to use the (standard) wirebug in Monster Hunter Rise.

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How to get Great Wirebugs and where to use them in Monster Hunter Rise

Great wirebugs are provided to you by a character in Kamura village called Senior Hunter Hanenaga.

You’ll find him standing east of the village before you get to the bridge that takes you to Buddy Plaza.

As you unlock more areas in the campaign, he should have requests for you, each one rewarding you with more great wirebugs, so be sure to speak to him when a blue speech bubble pops up from him.

These are the requests and requirements, which are rather self-explanatory.

  • Endemic Life: Rock Lizard (Completion conditions: Take a picture of a Rock Lizard
  • 20 Endemic Lifeforms Discovered! (Completion conditions: Discover 20 Endemic Lifeforms
  • 30 Endemic Lifeforms Disocvered! (Completion conditions: Discover 30 Endemic Lifeforms

To use a great wirebug, you first have to find a location with jewel lilies.

Great wirebugs are basically attracted to these plants so once you find a spot, you can place a great wirebug there and it will stay there permanently so you can always return to the same spot and use the great wirebug to travel.

What follows is where to find the locations of all jewel lilies in each biome. In the accompanying maps, we have placed a red cross over the jewel lilies’ location while the red arrow indicates your hunter’s destination after using a great wirebug at that location.

Jewel lilies locations in Shrine Ruins

The first jewel lilies can actually be round behind your tent at the start. Using a great wirebug here will take you up a tall rocky formation next to the camp. Not much up here apart from a mining outcrop and a bitterbug location. But you get a nice view of the ruins.

The next one can be found in the watery area of Zone 2. You’ll actually need to use wirebugs to scale up a couple platforms to reach the jewel lilies here though. But once you put a great wirebug there, it will fling you up the waterfall at the bottom of Zone 6.

That’s not all in Zone 2 however. If you continue climbing up another platform, to the right is another jewel lilies spot. Placing a great wirebug here takes you up the opposite direction up to a mountainous area with a hut at the top. Essentially, it’s a way to get over to Zone 4 quickly.

In the middle of Zone 4, you’ll come across a huge mountain face. But where there’s a shrine altar, to the right you’ll see a more scalable wall with a trail of spiribirds that leads up to another spot with jewel lilies.

This spot is a bit interesting as when the great wirebug flings you up, there’s actually another great wirebug in the air. Interact with this one and it will propel you even higher up to the top of the mountain onto the roof of a hut where you can also pick up a wirebug.

Heading over to Zone 5 (or rather the bottom of Zone 6), you’ll need to scale up a platform to find a jewel lilies spot, though the trail of spiribirds going up it should hopefully be a hint. The great wirebug will take you up one level of Zone 5 where you can conveniently pick up a spare wirebug.

From this point in Zone 5, if you turn left and follow the path, you’ll reach a deadend where you can also gather a blastnut. It’s not a deadend however, as there’s a platform further ahead you can reach with a wiredash. Lo and behold, it’s another place with jewel lilies.

This is another spot where there’s another great wirebug in the air, so if you interact in time, it will fling you all the way up to the top of Zone 5, a bit of a popular spot for monsters to retreat to.

Back at ground level to Zone 7, pass through the gate and then explore the hill on the left where you’ll find some endemic life as well as jewel lilies. This great wirebug will take you all the way up to the mountaintop in the middle of the map.

From that same spot in the mountains, just walk a little further and you’ll notice there’s another location with jewel lilies to your right. The great wirebug will take you across the mountain, and from your landing destination you just need to wiredash over to reach Zone 5.

Had you chosen to just continue from Zone 7 through the second gate into Zone 9, go past the huts to the wall at the end and you’ll see another patch of jewel lilies. The great wirebug will take you up that mountain, collecting a trail of spiribirds as you do.

Climb up the ledge in front and then veer right and you’ll see another patch of jewel lilies. Place a great wirebug here and it will take you further up to the highest point of the map. From here it’s also easy to drop down to Zone 11 or Zone 12 on the other side.

Northwest of Zone 9 which takes you on a path to Zone 13, if you look to the right you’ll see a bamboo thicket. Head inside and there’s a patch of jewel lilies. The great wirebug will take you up over to Zone 12.

Let’s back over to the Zone 13, which is split into north and south, which are high and low areas of a waterfall respectively. You’ll actually find two separate jewel lilies patches in this area. One of them is on a patch of land surrounded by water. The great wirebug will be able to throw you over the mountain as a shortcut in Zone 10 to the east.

The other one meanwhile is further ahead near the foot of the waterfall. Once you place this great wirebug, it will carry you up the waterfall but only halfway. That’s because there’s another great wirebug in the air so you’ll need to interact with that to get all the way up the waterfall to the top half of Zone 13.

The last jewel lilies location is the northwestern point of the map as you leave Zone 13 on the path to Zone 12. The great wirebug just takes you up to a higher point that can act as a shortcut over to Zone 9 or 10.

Jewel lilies locations in Frost Islands

The great wirebug are a little different in Frost Islands in that a lot of their locations essentially form a circuit that means you can zip from one wirebug location to the next almost straight away circling most of the map in a clockwise direction. This circuit looks a bit like this:

Note that these great wirebugs are in high locations, though there are two great wirebug spots, one in the north and south of the map respectively, that can put you on the circuit, so to speak.

It makes sense then to explain how to set up the great wirebugs for this circuit in before we move onto the other locations.

We’ll therefore start south east of the map in the watery Zone 5. To the east, there’s a ground patch where you’ll find some jewel lilies.

Place a great wirebug and ride it to higher ground to an area north of Zone 5. Let’s say this is the start of the circuit where you’ll be able to add another great wirebug to a patch of jewel lilies.

Riding that great wirebug will take you to another high area west of Zone 5 and overlooking Zone 4, with another jewel lilies spot in front of you.

That great wirebug will take you to the top of a high area that overlooks Zone 3’s lake. However, the jewel lilies won’t be in front of you this time. It’s actually just under your nose. Look below to your right and you’ll see it just at the end of a narrow path. It’s also possible to climb up there from the ground at Zone 4.

Ride the great wirebug over to north of Zone 3. Lo and behold, more jewel lilies lie in wait for another great wirebug. Interestingly, the destination this takes you is a little watery cavern north of Zone 6, which also happens to be a place you can set up a sub-camp – just make sure you turn around after you land to see it.

From the sub-camp just continue forward a few steps and you’ll come across another patch of jewel lilies. Set up a great wirebug here and it will take you back up to a high area just south sast of Zone 9, where the circuit seemingly stops.

Actually, you will find a jewel lilies patch south east of Zone 9 though it’s arguably close to and overlooking Zone 10’s lake. To get there from your Great Wirebug 6’s landing destination, you just need to travel a bit to the east, although it’s reachable with a wiredash.

Riding the great wirebug takes you to a point south of Zone 10 where another patch of jewel lilies is waiting. Set up a great wirebug here, which will fling you eastward to Zone 8.

Overlooking Zone 8, this spot has the last jewel lilies patch where you can place a great wirebug, which will take you back to the start of the circuit to Great Wirebug 2’s location in Zone 5.

That’s not all however as there’s also the great wirebug that can get you onto this circuit from the north of the map. The jewel lilies you need can be found just at the edge of Zone 10’s lake on the west, leading into Zone 9. The great wirebug will take you directly to Great Wirebug 7’s location.

After that, there remains three other jewel lilies locations dotted around the map. One of these you’ll arguably come across early on from camp when you reach the water to the east of Zone 3. Incidentally, the great wirebug ends up taking you near Great Wirebug 5’s location, so you could say this one also puts you on the circuit.

This next location isn’t a shortcut at all as it’s quite out of the way but is rather a way to access one of the game’s many hidden Relic Records, collectible pieces of lore found in each map.

You’ll find it in the mountainous region to the west of Zone 6. There’s no real sign, but just scale that area and then follow the path and you’ll eventually reach a jewel lilies patch. Use a great wirebug and it will take you high up the mountaintop where you’ll find a relic record as well as a mining outcrop.

The last jewel lilies location is even trickier to find and seemingly serves no purpose, but if you want to tick it off your list, you want to head to the north of Zone 9.

First climb up the wall faces there. You’ll however discover that there are some higher snow-covered areas that you can’t climb after that. The trick here is to use your wirebugs and midair stop. That should give you the height you need to then use another wiredash to reach an otherwise out-of-reach platform above.

From here, you can wiredash over to another platform that leads you through a cavern path, where you’ll find the last jewel lilies spot at the end. Incidentally, there’s another platformer on the opposite side you can wiredash to. From that spot, you can wiredash up to an even higher platform where another relic record is hidden (you will however need a third wirebug to get you there).

It’s all a bit of an anticlimax however, as this great wirebug simply zips you all the way down to Zone 12’s watery underground cavern. A bit too much effort to for a worthwhile shortcut, but at least you’ve got all of them.

Jewel lilies locations in Sandy Plains

The first place to use great wirebugs in Sandy Plains is close to your camp. When you begin your exploration, turn to your immediate left and you’ll see a cavern. Follow this path and you’ve reach a patch of jewel lilies at the end.

This great wirebug will propel you quite far, but there’s actually another great wirebug in the air here, which is quite easy to fly right past, which then results in you landing on a clifftop to the west of the map.

You might have to attempt a couple times (fortunately you can open up the map and fast travel back to camp) but if you catch the great wirebug in the air, it will propel you all the way to your proper destination – another site with jewel lilies on top of an old ruined structure.

There’s another way to reach this great wirebug placement but will involve a bit more climbing up the rocky areas to the west of Zone 3, although there’s vine paths you can use. What you’ll also find below this jewel lilies spot is a sub-camp location. The great wirebug will carry you all the way down into Zone 11, which is technically below ground, according to the map.

Not far in the Zone 11 pit, you’ll actually find another patch of jewel lilies. The great wirebug here will basically take you back up to the surface, albeit not much further.

For your next place to find jewel lilies, we recommend heading to south east of the map near Zone 4. This one is at lower ground in a small pit where a path in front leads you further below ground while you can climb vines higher up to the right.

The patch of jewel lilies is right between them and essentially takes you higher up than the vines to an area where you can pick up a firebeetle. This area is also on a slope you can easily slide down it to make your way up Zone 4 quickly to reach Zone 9 in the north east.

The next jewel lilies location is south of Zone 9 and is actually where you can set up another sub-camp. There’s also a spot to fish in – quite the cosy little hideaway. Having a great wirebug set up just lets you hop out of the sub-camp to higher area where you can easily drop off to the surrounding Zones 5, 6, 8 or 9.

Just next to this sub-camp however is a big hole in the ground. Jump down it and you’ll end up in a dark underground cavern. Fortunately, there’s also a patch of jewel lilies here, where you can place a great wirebug to get you out of this hole.

If you don’t discover this place by jumping down to it, you’ll also find it by following a long path south east of Zone 12’s ruins, which resembles something of a colosseum.

Speaking of this underground colosseum, you’ll actually find two spots with jewel lilies here on either side. The first one is to the west and using the great wirebug will have you soaring all the way up to the top of a rocky area, where you can easily head over to Zone 10 in the west.

The other patch of jewel lilies in Zone 12 is on the opposite side to the east. The great wirebug will also carry you high up but this time landing you in an area at the most northern part of the map. If you follow up this path you’ll come across some ruins with a relic record.

There’s another way to reach this area, albeit a bit more longwinded. From Zone 12 you can enter a path to the east to reach some ruins in Zone 9. Head to the room in the most Northern part and you’ll see a platform above you that you can wiredash up to. There you;ll find the last patch of jewel lilies. A shame it does’t take you anywhere different.

Jewel lilies locations in Flooded Forest

The first jewel lilies patch is just as you begin your hunt or expedition. Just wiredash up the rocky platform to your right when you first leave camp. It doesn’t however take you anywhere interesting other than a spot above your camp where you can gather from a pitcher cluster. Tick it off the list anyway.

Next, go straight ahead from camp down to Zone 2 south east of the map where you’ll come across a massive pyramid structure. While you can climb up the pyramid steps yourself, there’s also a patch of jewel lilies a few steps up to the left. Set up a great wirebug there and it will zip you straight up to the pyramid entrance at the top.

You might think there’s not much else here, but think again – there’s a relic record! Be warned that in order to reach it you need a third wirebug to give you the height needed to wiredash upwards inside the pyramid to reach a hole to the floor where you can pick up the record.

The next jewel lilies location is in between Zones 4 and 9 at the bottom of a ravine covered with vines at the top. Using this great wirebug will take you up to those vines, as well next to another tall stone structure aside from the nearby pyramid.

North east of the map as you approach Zone 7 with the waterfalls, you’ll find another spot of jeweled lilies up on a perch to the right when looking up at Zone 7. This great wirebug takes you up to the area on the opposite. Probably a way to get over to Zone 11 quicker but not much else.

That just leaves the north eest of the map to explore. You’ll find a patch of jeweled lilies just north of Zone 10 up in a foresty area that also happens to have some stone ruins (albeit fewer steps) nearby. This great wirebug wil carry you eastward to the middle of the map so that you’re overlooking Zone 9

The final jeweled lilies location is in Zone 12, except the great wirebug doesn’t take you anywhere beyond it apart an area above it. You can move to over to Zone 13 and perhaps get a height advantage on a monster lurking there, but that’s about it.

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Jewel lilies locations in Lava Caverns

The lava caverns has by far the fewest place to place great wirebugs, perhaps owing to the area being covered in lava. In essence, there’s only five spots where you’ll find jeweled lilies and they’re almost all in the middle of the map that just basically lets you cross over a big sea of lava.

The first one you’ll come across in Zone 9, which will fling you over to the south of Zone 10.

If you’ve just arrived at Zone 10 via the great wirebug from Zone 9, well turn around because the jeweled lilies where you can place a wirebug will carry you right back there too.

Head up from Zone 9 to Zone 7 and you’ll again see a patch of jeweled lilies, where using a great wirebug will carry you across the lava this time to the north of Zone 10.

Turn around and yes, you’ll see that the north of Zone 10 also has a patch of jeweled lilies where placing a great wirebug will send you across back to the spot in Zone 7. It’s a neat back-and-forth system, but definitely seems a bit rote.

The final jeweled lilies location is underground in Zone 12 in a cavern with water and lava. You can climb out of it with the vines, or after going up one platform, you’ll find a patch to place a great wirebug that will get you back up to the surface quickly.

And that’s all the places you can use great wirebugs. While the last ones do feel a bit superfluous, once you’ve placed a great wirebug it will always stay there so you can just use them as a shortcut or access point next time you’re there.

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