Spider-Man Miles Morales Back to the Beginning side mission: How to unlock the Purple Reign Suit explained

The Back to the Beginning side quest in Spider-Man Miles Morales allows you to unlock the Purple Reign suit.

This is one of 19 Spider-Man suits you can unlock for Miles throughout the game and includes a special mod that can only be obtained by finding the Purple Reign suit.

Below you’ll find out how to unlock the Back to the Beginning side quest, along with what you need to do to complete it.

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How to Unlock the Back to the Beginning Side Mission in Spider-Man Miles Morales

The Back to the Beginning side quest is unlocked fairly late in the main campaign of Spider-Man Miles Morales.

First, you must have completed the main story mission, Breaking Through The Noise, and then you must collect the eight sound samples scattered around New York.

Once you’ve done this, Aaron will contact you and begin the Back to the Beginning side quest.

How to complete the Back to the Beginning side quest in Spider-Man Miles Morales

The Back to the Beginning sidequest in Spider-Man Miles Morales begins in the southern part of Harlem, near where Central Park and the Upper West Side meet.

You will have to head to Aaron’s hideout, which is an underground tunnel under a bridge. Keep an eye out for the entrance, because it is hidden behind several wooden panels.

Once you’ve found it, go down to the hiding place below and investigate the silver cabinet at the back of the room.

Doing so will reward you with 100 XP and the Purple Reign outfit.

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Purple Reign Suit in Spider-Man Miles Morales Explained

Spider-Man Miles Morales’ Purple Reign suit is inspired by the design of the Prowler from the game, sporting the same purple and lime green colors. It even gives Miles’ visor a green glow.

Unlocking this suit also unlocks the Reclaimer visor mod.

This mod will replenish the ammo on one of your gadgets when you perform a melee stealth takedown on an enemy, making it perfect for players who prefer stealth over open combat.

Don’t worry, if you don’t like the look of the Purple Reign suit, but you like the Reclaimer Mod, then like any other mod, you can use it with any of the Spider-Man suits.

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