What Your Lip Shape Says About Your Personality?

Lip Shape Personality: Experts have revealed in studies that lip shape can reveal psychological secrets and personality traits. The fullness and thickness of your lips hold secrets about your personality. Stand in front of a mirror and see what the shape of your lip is based on the images in this article. The shape of your lips can say a lot about your personality. Meanwhile, if you are wondering what the most attractive lip shape is, cosmetics experts have shared that a very defined Cupid’s bow is the most attractive lip shape.

Lip shape analysis reveals unique facets of your personality. The size, shape, fullness, and Cupid’s bow of your lips indicate what kind of person you are, how you communicate, how you handle anger, etc. The shape of your lips can indicate your weaknesses and strengths. In this article we will analyze 6 types of lip shapes: full lips, full lower lip, full upper lip, thin lips, defined Cupid’s bow and indefinite Cupid’s bow.

What does the shape of your lips say about your personality?

What does the shape of your lips say about your personality?

#Lip shape: full lips

Lip shape Personality Full lips

If your lip shape is Full Lips, you are an empathetic person who values ​​relationships above all else. Women with full lips are extremely confident and brave. They are social butterflies. They are also very generous and affectionate in their relationships. When they worry, they worry deeply. They are also very passionate and love deeply. You are an excellent father. You have a strong innate desire to safeguard and nurture others. Your caring and selfless nature also means caring about others. You tend to be close to your family and friends. You are an extroverted and fun-loving person. You love spending time with your close friends and family. You tend to be expressive and passionate. You are also extremely confident and physically attractive. However, you tend to be a little impulsive and reckless at times. You may also speak hastily or without thinking, which can be problematic for you. You can be stubborn and it can be quite difficult to get you to change your mind. You are an entrepreneur. Don’t waste your time.

Key Personality Traits: Empathetic, Extremely Confident, Courageous, Outgoing, Generous, Affectionate, Expressive, Passionate.

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#2 Lip Shape: Full Lower Lip

Personality test Lip shape

If your lip shape is Full Lower Lip, you are usually the carefree type and know how to have fun. You don’t enjoy routines at all. You’re not cut out for 9 to 5 jobs. You do well in careers that give you room to express yourself. You like to enjoy life and have a fun and energetic lifestyle. You love spontaneity in life. You make plans as you go. You enjoy adventurous travel. You are also on your way to wherever life takes you. You are a very curious soul. You are open to new possibilities. You also tend to be quite sensual compared to those with full upper lips. You are also expressive when of course you want to be. You will speak from your heart given the right circumstances and people. You are mostly simple. You prefer to try new things, have new experiences and explore new places. You have an independent streak.

Key Personality Traits: Carefree type, energetic, spontaneous, sensual, easy going, loves to experience new things and places.

#3 Lip shape: full upper lip

Personality test Lip shape

If your lip shape is Full Upper Lip, it is known that you are a great lover of drama. You tend to have a very high opinion of yourself. You like to be liked for who you are. You also like to be everyone’s favorite. You enjoy the attention. You are charismatic. You live life to the fullest. You are also not easily intimidated. He may observe a situation for some time, but he will take the right opportunity to say whatever needs to be said or whatever is on his mind. You also have good comic timing and a sense of humor. You are also one of the funniest people who can come up with the right joke or jokes in any situation. You are quite intellectual and knowledgeable about things. No wonder you have something valuable to add to conversations. You are also quite competent. You are also good at communicating your ideas and articulating your thoughts.

Key Personality Traits: Has a high opinion of himself, loves attention, is charismatic, well-rounded, has a good sense of humor, competent and communicative.

#4 Lip shape: thin lips

Personality test Lip shape

If your lip shape is Thin Lips, you are reserved and cautious. Sometimes you are also seen as a loner. You can also be happy in solitude. However, your introverted personality also makes you self-sufficient. You are also confident being alone. In group settings, you can quickly get along with people and engage in conversations. You are determined to achieve your goals. In fact, you exceed your own expectations. You may find it difficult to get along with people with full lips.

Key Personality Traits: Reserved, cautious, self-sufficient, determined, loves to exceed own expectations.

#4 Lip Shape: Defined Cupid’s Bow

Personality test Lip shape

If the shape of your lips is a Definite Cupid’s Bow, you are a good communicator. You tend to find a way to use words, beautiful words that are sure to hook your listener with what you have to say. You are creative. You also have a quick mind, however, that sometimes works against you. Think before you speak, especially when you are outraged. You have a strong memory. You are quite competent at getting what you want. You are very aware of your capabilities. You have a unique style of self-expression. You are productive and successful. You are a strong manifestor too. You are self-aware. Sometimes you can be reactive and impulsive. You love spontaneity. You do not enjoy routines and monotonous lifestyles. You are also very romantic and quite popular with the opposite sex.

Key Personality Traits: Good communicator, resourceful, good memory, productive, strong manifestor, reactive, impulsive.

#6 Lip Shape Personality: Undefined Cupid’s Bow

Personality test Lip shape

If the shape of your lips is an indefinite Cupid’s bow, you are responsible and trustworthy. You are efficient at solving any problem. You are good at meeting deadlines and managing time efficiently. You may also be giving too much. You tend to lose sight of emotional boundaries. This can sometimes lead to you not taking care of yourself. You need to invest in taking care of yourself. You might also neglect your own needs in order to provide for others. You are trustworthy. You are quite mature and approach problems carefully. You need to practice self-love a lot. You tend to lose sight of yourself in the process of being there for everyone. You also tend to repress your emotions and thoughts by staying quiet in situations. You must learn that you are your first priority before anything or anyone.

Key personality traits: Responsible, reliable, generous, trustworthy, mature mindset, difficulty prioritizing self.

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