Genshin Impact Fravashi Tree locations for ‘Pale Fire’ quest

Fravashi trees in Genshin Impact contain Pari that rewards chests and feathers of purifying light for completing a challenge after talking to them.

You must find all 10 Fravashi trees for the world quest ‘Pale Fire’ in order to complete your Plume of Purifying Light collection and get all the rewards from the Amrita Pool.

To speed up your journey, we’ve got all the Fravashi Tree locations in Genshin Impact below, along with an explanation on how the Fravashi Trees work.

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How Fravashi Trees Work in Genshin Impact

As you explore the Sumeru desert, you will eventually come across small circular trees that activate the ‘Pale Fire’ world quest. These trees contain ten lost Pari that you must speak to to complete a challenge and continue the quest.

When you come across a Fravashi tree in Genshin Impact, you need to use the Sorush device to get closer to the tree, then press the flower symbol button to use its Khvarena power.

The Pari will then appear inside the tree, so you must return to your active character and talk to him.

The Pari will then task you with completing one of four challenges:

  • enemy encounter
  • Collect Pari Shards
  • Follow the Pari like Sorush
  • Collect Udumbara Pistils

Once you complete the required challenge, return to the Fravashi Tree and talk to Pari, and you will get a chest and a Feather of Purifying Light. These feathers can be used in the Amrita Pool to obtain rewards such as Primogems, level-up materials, and a unique calling card.

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All Fravashi Tree Locations in Genshin Impact

We’ve detailed their locations in more detail below, but at a glance, marked with white stars, here’s a map image of where to find all 10 Fravashi tree locations in Genshin Impact:

Locations of each Fravashi tree.

Here are more details and images on where to find each Fravashi tree:

Genshin Impact Fravashi Tree Location 1

The first Fravashi tree in Genshin Impact is found underground, between the Teleport Waypoint between the Zulqarnain Gate and Tunigi Hollow areas. To reach it, you must progress through the “As the Light of Khvarena Shows” section of the world quest “Khvarena of Good and Evil” to obtain the Two-Horned Chaplet for your Sorush device.

If you have the Chaplet of the Two Horns, control Sorush and float to the yellow Amrita Seal that blocks your way in the underground tunnel. Hold the flower symbol button to dispel the seal, then head into the next room, where you’ll find the Fravashi tree below.

The Pari in the tree triggers a combat challenge after you talk to it, so just take out all the enemies that spawn and then talk to the Pari after they’re all dead to get your rewards.

Genshin Impact 2 Fravashi Tree Location

The next Fravashi tree location in Genshin Impact is above ground in the southwestern section of the Tunigi Hollow area, on a small cliff facing down. Naturally, you will find it in the ‘The Hymn of Tir Yazad’ section of the world quest ‘Khvarena of Good and Evil’.

The Pari in this tree also triggers a combat challenge after you talk to it, so take out all the enemies that spawn, then talk to the Pari after they’re all dead to get your rewards.

Genshin Impact 3 Fravashi Tree Location

Next is the Fravashi Tree in the northwest section of Tunigi Hollow. It’s above ground, at the top of the cliffs next to the huge leaning tree, but you can use Four Leaf Seals to go up faster.

The Pari on this tree wants you to collect three Pari Shards as Sorush. Here is where to find them:

Tunigi Hollow Pari 1 Shard Location

Pari’s first fragment is on top of the Fravashi tree, near the cliff and the brown roots of the tree.

Tunigi Hollow Pari 2 Shard Location

The second Pari Shard in Tunigi Hollow is under the cliff where the Fravashi Tree is, near the giant leaning tree.

Tunigi Hollow Pari 3 Shard Location

You will find the last Pari fragment inside the giant leaning tree, on the same level as the Fravashi tree.

Once you’ve collected all three Pari Shards, take them back to the Pari in the Fravashi Tree to get your rewards.

Genshin Impact 4 Fravashi Tree Location

The last Fravashi tree on the surface of Tunigi Hollow is found on the northeast cliffs, near many scattered roots and a Dendroculus inside a tree trunk.

This Pari wants you to follow him while controlling Sorush, so switch to the device and stay close to the Pari and he will eventually return to the Fravashi tree, where you will get your rewards after talking to him again.

Genshin Impact Fravashi Tree Location 5

Go to the west of the Temir Mountains area to find this Fravashi tree in the middle of a cliff, near many small tree roots.

This is another Pari Shard Collecting Challenge, so here’s where to find them all while controlling Sorush:

Temir Mountains Pari Fragment Location 1

The first Pari fragment from the Temir Mountains is found floating above the root of the tree near the edge of the eastern part of the cliff.

Location 2 of the Pari fragment of the Temir Mountains

Look towards the western cliff face to see this fragment floating above.

Temir Mountains Pari Fragment Location 3

To get the last Pari Shard in the Temir Mountains, climb above the Fravashi tree, to the top of the western cliff, to find the fragment next to a four-leaf seal.

Genshin Impact Fravashi Tree Location 6

Another Fravashi tree in the west of the Temir Mountains. From the location of the fifth tree, go up the western cliff and move between the roots of the tree in the middle to find this Fravashi tree.

Another flying challenge awaits you after you talk to the Pari, so remember to use Sorush and stay as close to the Pari as possible as she circles the area to make sure you don’t fail the task.

Genshin Impact Fravashi Tree Location 7

The seventh Fravashi Tree location in Genshin Impact is at the bottom of a huge underground cavern containing many large Gray Crystal structures, west of Tunigi Hollow.

To access the cavern, you must enter from a tunnel that starts above ground, to the west of the Asipattravana swamp.

Go to the tunnel at this location to access the seventh Fravashi tree.

This is another Pari Shard Challenge, so switch to Sorush and follow these instructions to find them:

Underground Cavern Pari Shard Location 1 and 2

These first two fragments of the Pari underground cavern are located directly in front of the Fravashi tree, floating around the large gray crystal structure in the middle.

Underground Cavern Pari 3 Shard Location

This fragment also floats around the large Gray Crystal structure, but on the other side of the cavern. You’ll see it as you float over to get one of the other shards.

Return to the Pari in the tree to get your rewards once you’ve found the three shards in the underground cavern.

Genshin Impact Fravashi 8 Tree Location

The eighth Fravashi Tree is located underground between the Samudra Coast and Asipattravana Swamp areas, opposite the huge round door you will encounter during the ‘Khvarena of Good and Evil’ world quest.

The easiest way to find it again is by going to the underground Teleport Waypoint and then jumping down the north side.

This is the last Pari Shard Challenge you need to complete in the ‘Pale Fire’ world quest. Here’s where to find the three fragments while controlling Sorush:

Pari underground tunnel fragment location 1 and 2

Pari’s first two fragments of this underground tunnel float above the large round door, to the left and to the right.

Pari underground tunnel fragment location 3

Turn around and float up to spot this fragment above the Fravashi tree, near the path back to the Teleport Waypoint.

Genshin Impact Fravashi 9 Tree Location

The last Underground Fravashi Tree is found using the Teleport Waypoint north of Tunigi Hollow, then heading southwest to a Hillichurl camp. At the camp, look northeast to see a small tunnel.

The Fravashi tree is located at the end of this small tunnel.

For this Pari challenge, you need to go to the Asipattravana swamp and collect three Udumbara pistils, then return and give them to the Pari.

We’ve got a page dedicated to Udumbara locations to help you find all six in the swamp, as you’ll need another three for the last Pari you find.

Genshin Impact Fravashi Tree Location 10

The last location of the Fravashi tree in Genshin Impact is in the southwestern corner of the Asipattravana swamp, near the water.

The Pari wants three Udumbara Pistils, which you can find in this very swamp. Visit our Udumbara Locations page to find them if you haven’t collected all six yet.

That’s all the Fravashi trees found! Return to Zurvan and talk to him to complete the ‘Pale Fire’ world quest and collect some additional rewards.

For even more rewards, be sure to check out our Purifying Light Feathers locations page for details on the other 26 Feathers.

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