Pokémon Sun and Moon – Festival Plaza, how to trade, use GTS, and battle online explained in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon too

The Festival Plaza in Pokémon Sun & Moon and Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon can, at times, seem like an impenetrable mess, particularly when it comes to the relatively simple features of trading and battling online.

Sometimes things get a little more complicated than they need to be, and with that in mind, we’ve put together this quick and dirty guide to get you started using Festival Plaza’s online and communications features as easily as possible. Expect easy tutorials here for trading links online with friends, trading using GTS, Wonder Trade, plus tips for setting up link battles and visiting the battle location.

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How to Trade Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon – Festival Plaza Link Trades, GTS and Wonder Trade Explained

There are three ways to trade Pokémon Sun and Moon: Link Trades, GTS, and Wonder Trade. All three are accessed via the bottom screen after entering Festival Plaza. Here is the difference between each one:

  • Link Trading: This is a direct trade between you and another specific person over the Internet. You can choose to trade with any of your Nintendo Frendlist friends who are online, anyone online on your VIP list, and anyone online from 50 random people brought in by the game as guests (you can have one of those random players have more probability of appearing). again talking to them and adding them as VIP from there).
  • GTS is a kind of open trading in the global trading system. You can load up a Pokémon you’re willing to trade and indicate what you’d like in exchange, or you can search for what’s available and see if you have what they want in exchange.
  • Wonder Trade – This is a random trade. Upload a Pokémon you’re willing to give away and you’ll receive a random Pokémon that someone else is also giving away. You could get anything from a level 1 Rattata to a level 100 Zygarde, depending on how nice the other trainers are and how much luck you have!

Once this has been explained, let’s see step by step how to participate in an online operation.

How to link trade:

  1. Head to Festival Plaza, located on the bottom screen of the game.
  2. Connect to the Internet: At the bottom right of the bottom screen there is a wireless connection symbol. Select that and then “Yes” when asked if you want to connect to the Internet. Please note that this is different to being connected to ‘local wireless communication’, which will be standard upon entering the Plaza.
  3. Select Commerce; again on the bottom screen, once inside Festival Plaza, is the big blue button.
  4. Select Link Trade and choose who to trade with. If you have a specific person in mind who is not on the random list of 50 guests, you will first need to add them as a Nintendo Friend from the 3DS home screen, using their Nintendo Friend Code. Once you are both in Festival Plaza and connected to the Internet, they will appear as guests and on your friends list as an option.
  5. Finish the trade: Select the Pokémon you want to trade, make sure you’re happy with the deal, and confirm it. Are you ready!

How to trade on the GTS:

  1. Follow steps 1 to 3 above; this time select the GTS option once you are done.
  2. Search for the Pokémon you want: Instead of waiting for someone to trade your Pokémon, if you have a specific one in mind, it’s always quicker to search GTS for the people who trade it first, before resorting to offering one of your own Pokémon. and waiting. Head to the GTS and select “Search for Pokémon” on the bottom screen when prompted.
  3. Enter the details of the Pokémon you want; you can filter them by Pokémon, gender, level, and whether or not the trainer is looking for a Mythical or Legendary Pokémon in return.
  4. If the Pokémon you want is not available, place one of yours to trade; If you can’t find it or don’t have the necessary Pokémon to trade, then you can offer one of your own in exchange. and wait for someone to negotiate with you. Go back to the GTS menu and select ‘Deposit Pokémon’, choose the Pokémon you want to offer for trade, set the requirements for the Pokémon you want (Pokémon, Gender, Level) and press ‘Deposit Pokémon’ again, then wait! Note that if you haven’t seen that Pokémon yet, you can type its name manually, but you won’t be able to specify its gender.

How to marvel at trading:

  1. Again, follow steps 1 to 3 to trade, above. This time select Wonder Trade.
  2. Select the Pokémon you would like to offer. They will swap right away, so make sure you do it right!
  3. Once you’ve found a trainer, trading will automatically start – fingers crossed for something good!

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How to Battle Online in Pokémon Sun and Moon – Festival Plaza Link Battles and Battle Spot Explained for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

  • Link Battles: These are battles against a specific trainer, whether on your friends list, your VIP list, or just your random guest list. The options are the same as the Battle Tree, which you can check out for more details!
  • Battle Location: These are online battles, much like previous exchanges.

Both Link Battles and Battle Spot work very similar to the previous exchanges. You will have to connect to the Internet, select Battle on the bottom screen and then choose the type of battle you want to do; Link Battles are the preferred option for battling a specific person on your Friends, VIP, or Guest Lists.

That’s it for our quick rundown of Festival Plaza’s online communication features, but be sure to check out our detailed Battle Tree guide, plus Mega Stone locations and where to find all the Z Crystals for more later competitive content to the game, plus, if you’re still progressing through the main story, our Pokémon Sun and Moon main guide and walkthrough has absolutely everything you need to know.

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