How to complete White Mask Varré quest in Elden Ring

The character White Mask Varré in Elden Ring is the first NPC you will encounter in the game.

It is right next to the First Step Grace Site, where the open world of Limgrave begins. You can hardly miss it.

By completing the Varré questline, you will be rewarded with 6,400 runes, a remedy for Furlcalling fingers, a rune bow, and Varré’s bouquet.

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Where to find Varré

Varré will help you get started in these first few minutes of the game and send you (more or less directly) in the direction of Castle Stormveil.

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If you return to its first location later, after you have defeated Godrick and been to the Round Table to speak with the Two Fingers, you will find a message from Varré. It indicates the Church of the Roses in Liurnia.

His message will send you to the Church of the Roses in Liurnia de los Lagos. | Image credit: FromSoftware/Eurogamer

Varré in Liurnia

Go to the Church of the Roses in Liurnia de los Lagos and chat briefly with Varré.

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Exhaust all dialogue options and, after visiting the Round Table, say that the Two Fingers seemed strange to you. After the conversation, he will give you five bloody fingers, an item for invading other players’ worlds.

Use your fingers three times and invade other players’ worlds. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose in those worlds, but be careful, you have to be online to do it.

Since patch 1.06 there is an offline solution for this step. If you don’t want to or can’t play Elden Ring online, you can find the NPC Magnus the Beast Claw in Writheblood Ruins (Altus Plateau). After his death, the search can continue.

Once completed three times, return to Varré and he will give you the item Lord of Blood’s Favor with the request to infuse him with the blood of a maiden.

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where to find a maid

The quickest place to find a maiden is the Church of Inhibition in northeast Liurnia. Alternatively, you can return to the Chapel of Anticipation (via The Four Bell Towers) and find a maiden there. Another way is to kill Irina at the entrance to the Weeping Peninsula.

Once you have soaked the piece of cloth in a maiden’s blood, return to Varré. The reward is the Blood Finger (also used for invasions, but does not deplete when used).

Chat with Varré again and he will give you the Thoroughbred Knight Medal. Use it in his inventory to reach the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum.

Complete Varré’s quest.

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After using the medal, follow the course of the mausoleum until you find a red invasion sign near the Site of Grace at the midpoint of the Mausoleum Dynasty.

Enter Varré’s world and look for him in the mausoleum. A fight to the death ensues.

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Once defeated, you will be rewarded with 6,400 runes, a Furlcalling Finger Remedy, and a rune bow.

You will then find the wounded Varré lying on the ground. Talk to him until he dies and then you can grab six bloody fingers and Varré’s bouquet from his corpse. This completes Varré’s quest.

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