Fortnite Victory Crown: How to get a Victory Crown in Fortnite

The Crown of Victory is a new feature added to solo, duo, trio, and squad matches in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1.

These crowns not only show off your Fortnite prowess, but also provide a useful bonus towards obtaining Chapter 3 Battle Pass skins.

However, you first need to understand what a Victory Crown does and how to get it in Fortnite.

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Victory Crown in Fortnite explained

Having a Victory Crown in a Fortnite match will provide you with XP bonuses during that particular match, making it perfect for moving up the Battle Pass ranks.

If you manage to win a match with a Victory Crown, you’ll also get the exclusive emote that shows how many Crowned Victory Royales you’ve won this season.

The crown will appear on top of your materials and resources for the match.

Fortunately, the Victory Crown doesn’t take up space in your inventory, and if you don’t want the pressure, you can throw it away.

However, you must first obtain a Victory Crown in Fortnite.

How to get a Victory Crown in Fortnite

There are three ways to get a Victory Crown in Fortnite, and the first method gives you the crown in the match you play after you’ve won it.

To successfully earn a Victory Crown using this method, you must reach a high rank in a Solo, Dups, Trios, or Squads match.

These are the classifications you must achieve:

  • Solo – Top four players
  • Duos: the two best teams
  • Trios – Top Team
  • Templates – Top Team

If you play in pairs, trios, or squads, all players on the team will receive a victory crown in their next match.

Once you have reached this ranking, even if you did not win the previous match, you will receive the Victory Crown in the next match you play.

The second method to find a Victory Crown is to kill a player who currently has one.

These players have a faint glow, and when they kill another player, their name will glow gold when that kill is reported to indicate that they currently have a Crown of Victory. Using these signs, you should be able to spot and hopefully kill players holding Victory Crowns in your match.

Once the player is defeated, the Crown of Victory will appear among the loot and will have a golden glow to help you find it.

Players with a victory crown will shine gold.

Finally, it is possible to throw away a Victory Crown if you don’t want it, meaning you may come across an abandoned Victory Crown. You may even find that another player has simply decided not to continue after successfully killing the Victory Crown player.

However, this is not a reliable method of obtaining a Victory Crown, so we recommend not relying on it.

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