Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2022 Masks list, all Halloween event rewards explained

Destiny’s Festival of the Lost returns in 2022, bringing a taste of Halloween to the Tower and beyond.

The spooky Haunted Lost Sectors are back, bringing with them more Headless, Candy, and a shiny new sniper rifle for your head-banging enjoyment.

The Book of Oblivion returns with new stories to tell, and there’s a new Festival of Lost Masks bundle to collect.

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Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2022 Trailer

How to start Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost, dates explained

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2022 will take place between October 18 and November 8, and will begin and end at the usual weekly reset time.

To participate in Festival of the Lost, you simply need to have access to the Tower’s social space. From there, talk to Eva Lavante, who will give you an introductory quest, called Gone But Not Forgotten, that will allow you to unlock enchanted lost sectors.

How to Start Haunted Lost Sectors: Haunted Lost Sector Location in Destiny 2 Explained

To gain access to the Haunted Lost Sectors, you must first begin the ‘Gone but Not Forgotten’ quest that Eva Levante offers you in the Tower.

Eva will give you a Festival of the Lost Mask. Put that on and talk to her again. You can now start the Haunted Lost Sector by selecting it through a node in the Tower in your Director.

You can also launch into a Haunted Lost Sector from inside the Tower itself, investigating the totem with Eva.

Destiny 2 Mission Steps Gone But Not Forgotten

The Gone But Not Forgotten quest will take you to the Haunted Lost Sectors for the first time and explain how to develop the Book of the Forgotten.

The steps of the mission Gone but not forgotten are as follows:

  1. Talk to Eva to claim your Festival of the Lost mask.
  2. Equip the Festival of the Lost mask given to you by Eva.
  3. Talk to Eva in the Tower.
  4. Enter an Enchanted Sector through the node on your Director. Once there, complete a summoning ritual.
  5. Convert Spectral Pages into Manifest Pages by defeating at least one Headless One and completing the Lost Sector.
  6. Return to Eva to learn more about her manifested pages.
  7. Turn your spectral pages into manifested pages.
  8. Talk to Eva in the Tower.
  9. Talk to Eva to claim your rewards.

Eva Levante’s key reward is Mechabre, a new sniper rifle for Festival of the Lost that is extremely suitable for PvP, due to its quick handling and speed when aiming down sights.

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Skins List 2022

A key attraction of the Festival of the Lost each year is the mask procurement. These are decorations that are equipped with the masked man’s hood, which is given to you as part of the quest Lost But Not Forgotten.

By wearing a skin, you will earn candy by defeating enemies, completing activities and rewards. Similar to how you would equip the Solstice armor during the Solstice of Heroes event, it’s best to keep the skin equipped for the duration to ensure you get drops!

As with previous events, the Masks are based on well-known characters and bosses. New skins are released each year, as well as several returning ones from previous years.

If you kept a skin from the previous year, you can use it during the last Festival of the Lost event, so be sure to keep it!

There are a total of eight new skins to earn, each with their own unlock criteria:

  • Blueberry Mask: Complete the quest Lost But Not Forgotten.
  • Bread Mash: Complete activities in the Haunted Sector playlist.
  • Mask of Caital: Defeat combatants with arc energy.
  • Broken Mask: Complete ritual activities, including Strikes, Crucible matches, and Gambit matches.
  • Savathun Mask: Complete 35 enchanted sectors.
  • Earn 17,500 candy with activities.
  • Fynch Mask: 300 Silver (available week 9) or 1200 Shimmer Powder (available week 11).
  • Star Horse Mask: 300 Silver (available week 10) or 1200 Bright Dust (available week 11).

Destiny 2 Haunted Lost Sectors Chest Rewards 2022

In addition to skins and triumphs to unlock, there are also the following rewards up for grabs in chests at the end of Haunted Lost Sector races:

Unlike previous years, you don’t need the Encryption Decoder or anything similar every time you open a chest!

The Season of the Depths is here along with the Into the Depths quest. You can also know how to go fishing! Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King’s Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2022 Event Challenges

The Festival of Lost Triumphs is gone and has now been replaced by Event Challenges. These will task you with completing specific tasks throughout the Solar System. In total, there are 17 event challenges to complete, and if you manage to beat them all, you will receive the Ghostwriter seal and title.

Festival of the Lost 2022 Event Challenges how to complete
cryptozoologist Use a manifested page to restore a chapter from ‘Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 2.’
bookworm 1 Use a manifested page to unlock (9) chapters in ‘Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 2.’
bookworm 2 Use a manifested page to unlock (18) chapters in ‘Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 2.’
bookworm 3 Use a manifested page to unlock (37) chapters in ‘Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 2.’
Heads will roll Defeat (100) Decapitated in Haunted Sectors.
Local places Activities completed in the Enchanted Sector playlist.

  • Enchanted Moon (0/3)
  • Haunted Nessus (0/3)
  • Enchanted Europe (0/3)
  • Haunted ZME (0/3)
Sweets corner Earn (17,500) candy with activities.
Mysterious encounter Shop epic mystery bags from Eva.
sniper Defeat fighters with sniper rifles.
Automatic transmission Defeat fighters with automatic rifles.
The third shot is the charm Defeat fighters with pulse rifles.
Shocking conclusion Defeat fighters with Arc energy.
Occult ritual Complete ritual activities, including raids, Crucible matches, and Gambit matches.
Hit the deck Complete Vanguard Operations or Ketchcrash Activities.
masked bandit Complete Crucible or Gambit matches with a Festival Mask.
Happy Haunting Ground Complete activities in the Haunted Sectors playlist (0/35).
ghostwriter Complete (16) event challenges during the Lsost Festival. Progress resets at the end of the event.

As always, you must complete them before the end of the Festival of the Lost event; otherwise they will no longer be accessible. Happy haunting!

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