Fortnite Vault locations and how to get Vault Keys

Vaults can be found all over the map in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. However, if you want to open a vault, you need to know how to get a vault key.

Vault Keys are, unsurprisingly, the key to opening a vault in Fortnite, and without one you risk missing out on some very useful loot.

Since not all vaults will appear in every match, it’s a good idea to know the locations of the vaults so you don’t waste your keys.

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How to open a vault in Fortnite

Opening a vault in Fortnite has become much easier, especially when playing alone, in Chapter 3 Season 4, because two players are no longer required.

Instead, you must locate a vault key and then head to the nearest vault to earn your loot. Once there, simply insert your key into the lock and start opening chests, as long as another player hasn’t gotten there first!

However, there are some vaults on the island that require two keys to open. For this reason, you must know how to find the keys to the vault…

How to get vault keys in Fortnite

Vault keys can be found in chests or on the ground in certain locations on the Fortnite map. It’s important to note that not all chests contain a vault key, so don’t be surprised if it takes you a while to find one.

The keys to the vault can be found waiting on the ground.

You can also earn Vault Keys by defeating players carrying one, because, like their weapons, the Vault Key will drop after their death. However, there’s no way to tell if a player is carrying a vault key, so keep an eye out for when an enemy drops. You could even stalk and murder someone right when he’s opening a vault!

Remember: some of the hidden vaults on the map can only be opened using two Vault Keys.

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Fortnite Vault Locations

There are 15 hidden vaults on the Fortnite island, but before heading to one of these vaults, we recommend checking the in-game map. This is because vaults that have already been opened will not appear on the in-game map, so taking a quick look will prevent you from visiting a looted vault.

However, vault locations will only appear on this map after you have found a vault key. Each location is represented by a lock: locks with a single keyhole require one key, while locks with two require two keys to open.

These are the vault locations we’ve found so far at a glance:

Where to find the vaults in Fortnite.

So far we found vaults that require two keys to open in the following locations:

  • North Cloudy Condos
  • delirious cave
  • Bright Lagoon
  • leaning towers

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