Odd One Out: How fast you can find the odd lipstick combo hidden in the picture? Try Your Skills!

The men and women of ancient Sumeria and the Indus Valley were possibly the first to invent and use lipstick, about 5,000 years ago. Referring to the image below, your task is to find some lipstick combination using your exceptional skills and abilities.

Can you find some lipstick here and there?Source: Brightside.com

What do you understand about the odd number puzzle?

The odd number puzzle is popular as Knock Out in the United States. Examines the ability to understand and general observation. And to reach a conclusion you need to be imaginative, rational and have a unique point of view.

In case you’re confused, look for clues in this previously solved weird lip stickers puzzle quiz.

About this Odd One Out puzzle image

This image from Brightside shows an unevenly split image of lipstick combinations. And your task is to find the odd lipstick duo. Divide the image into sections and review each row and column so you don’t miss any clues.

Instead of looking for larger parts, focus on smaller details like colors, shapes, types, classifications, patterns, and anything else you can think of.

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Remember that you only have 11 seconds to complete this mental exercise.




Find the answer to the riddle here:

The strange lipstick is hereSource: Brightside.com

Take a look at the one who is surrounded, lipsticks are exchanged.

You are a genious. Don’t forget to bookmark Jagran Josh for more thought-provoking mental exercises.

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