Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon walkthrough

The treasures of the strange and mysterious Nine await deep within the Prophecy Dungeon in Destiny 2.

Added as part of the Season of Arrivals in Destiny 2, Prophecy is a feast of mind-blowing visuals, with some unique mechanics and on-the-fly puzzles to solve.

This guide will help you prepare your team and walk you step-by-step through each encounter, including how to defeat Phalanx Echo, escape from The Wasteland, solve the Hexahedron, and eliminate the final boss, Kell Echo.

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Organizing your equipment for Prophecy Dungeon

Dungeons are intended to be end-difficulty content for fire teams, so preparation and coordination will be key. Clear communication will help. You can get by with emoticons if necessary, but voice chat is highly recommended. Prophecy’s power level is set at only 1600, so there should be no need to power level before diving in.

There will be large groups of enemies, and you will often fight combatants at a greater distance than usual. Excellent add-on clearing weapons like Riskrunner or Osteo Striga are useful up close, while snipers, bows, and linear fusion rifles for long-range engagements help a lot.

Defeating bosses will be easier if you have good DPS weapons. Linear Fusion, Grenade Launcher, Rockets, and even swords are extremely viable. There will be a lot of running and gunning, so while something like Divinity can be useful at times, its usefulness here is diminished compared to other difficult missions.

How to get through Heaven/Hell using motes of light and darkness

You start aboard the Wanderer’s ship. Move forward and a portal will open that will send you to an area called Heaven/Hell. Captured enemies will begin to appear immediately and continuously.

At the opposite end of the room there will be a Column of Light and a Column of Darkness. You will need to activate them to open the way forward. To activate them you must collect 5 motes, either light or dark, and immerse them in the corresponding pillar. It is similar to a game of Gambit. Just keep in mind that if you have motes of one item and pick up the other, your stacks will reset. There is also a timer that counts down, and if you don’t use or collect motes in time, they will disappear from you.

In order for motes to appear, you will have to eliminate the Taken Knights. Pay attention to the lights and shows while you fight. Defeating a Knight in a fully lit area will cause it to drop Motes of Light. Killing them while in a dark or shadowed area will cause them to drop Specks of Darkness.

Use shadows and cover to control which motes you are collecting, and focus on collecting enough to activate the Pillars of Light one at a time. Once you have activated all of them, the door will open and you will repeat the process again. Once you’ve done all this again, the path to the first boss, Phalanx Echo, will open.

How to defeat the Phalanx Echo in Destiny 2

The first boss of Prophecy is Phalanx Echo, a massive Phalanx protected by an army of the Taken. The fight takes place on a raised circular platform, don’t worry about getting too close to the edges and plummeting to your death.

The boss has a shield that prevents all incoming damage. Around the arena are pillars of light and darkness, just like in the Heaven/Hell section. Once again you will have to hunt down the Taken Knights and collect the motes they drop. Use the shadows cast by the various platforms to stay in the dark to make dark specks fall, and stay in the light to get light specks. Make sure you only collect one type until you have a full stack of five, then head to the Light or Dark pillar and activate it.

Once all pillars are activated, Phalanx Echo will be vulnerable. Quickly throw as much damage as you can at the boss, but also keep an eye out for the Taken Goblins. These have the ability to cast a shield on the boss that stops the damage received. Casting a roaming Super like Warlock’s Stormtrance or Titan’s Hammer of Sol can keep them at bay. If you don’t kill the Phalanx Echo in a single damage phase, it will eventually regenerate its shield. Repeat the process with the light and dark pillars until the boss falls.

How to escape from the wasteland

The wasteland is a huge desert covered in sand. You and your team will travel through it; Luckily, you can summon your sparrows to get some much-needed speed.

The goal here is to locate several Taken Blights and destroy them. They will be protected by small continents from standard Taken enemies. There isn’t much technique to tracking them, they can split up and stay together, but regardless of your group, it’s simply a matter of flying around until you come into contact with enemies or see pests. Once you destroy the pests in the area, locate and touch the floating ‘Toland’ orb.

You will need to do this three times. Watch out for the giant, invisible minotaurs on patrol. Once all the Ruins are gone and the floating orbs have touched down, a beam of light will appear showing the way out of the Wasteland.

How to solve the hexahedron puzzle

Good news! You have reached the depths of the dungeon of Prophecy. The bad news is that you have been trapped in a giant cube called the Hexahedron. We have all been there. The purpose of this encounter is to “solve” the hexahedron by rotating it in various directions, sort of like a giant, simplified Rubik’s cube. One side of the cube (including the roof) will always have a Toland orb floating, you will have to rotate it in any direction.

In this space you have walls everywhere and platforms made of irregular geometry. Take note of where the shadows are cast, the mechanics of light and dark flecks will come into play here. There will be a Pillar of Light or Darkness in each of the four directions. Kill the Hobgoblin snipers to make Knights appear. As before, take them out while you’re in the light or dark to create motes, and once you have enough, you can activate a Pillar of Light or Darkness, depending on the type of mote you’ve collected. Once you activate a pillar, a portal will appear in the center of the room. Once your entire team enters, you will teleport to the new orientation.

The enemies here are pretty relentless. Any cleansing super is useful, as is a Well of Radiance super from a Warlock. Snipers are a constant nuisance, so try to stay behind cover. Witherhoard is an excellent choice for defeating Knights using his damage over time while hiding in a safe location.

The room will spin towards whichever pillar you activate. Generally, this means that you will see which side the Toland orb is on and activate the pillar on that side. If it is on the ceiling you will have to turn it twice in the same direction. Once you successfully spin the orb five times, a pair of bosses called Centurion Echos will appear. Delete them (they’re not very strong) to clear this section.

How to get through the Singularity

Once again you will find yourself in the Wasteland. This time the dungeon boss, Kell Echo, will appear. Follow him as he heads towards the exit. You won’t be able to damage him, but he will shoot at you, so be sure to evade the incoming shots. He will eventually take you to another door. When you pass through it, you will be greeted by another huge space that the Guardians often refer to as “Rainbow Road”.

Your goal is to follow the long ribbon-shaped paths to the end, where a pyramid-shaped structure awaits you. It’s a long road and summoning your sparrow will save you time. Just watch out for incoming sniper fire and look ahead at the branching paths to make sure they don’t turn around or end suddenly. If you need to break free from your sparrow and make some strategic jumps, you can do that too.

You’ll eventually reach the end of the paths, where a floating island awaits with a launcher to send you flying into the pyramid. Enter, go up the stairs and go to the final boss fight.

How to defeat the Kell Echo and beat the Prohpecy Dungeon

The end of the Prophecy Dungeon is a showdown with Kell Echo. As befits a final encounter, this will combine the mechanics from earlier in the dungeon. The boss itself is highly mobile and absorbs damage, so weapons that can hit hard from a distance, such as linear fusion rifles, rockets, and even an Izanagi Burden sniper, are viable. There will also be times when you will face crowds of large, aggressive enemies; At least one or two groups of cleaning weapons are a must.

There are two phases to this fight that you will alternate between. First you will be in a triangle-shaped room. Each point of the triangle has an invulnerable copy of the Kell Echo trying to tear you to pieces. In front of each one is a Pillar of Light or Darkness.

If you’ve completed the rest of the dungeon, you can probably guess what comes next. You will have to survive the attack of enemies and hunt the knights to collect motes of light or darkness. Collect five of one of them and use them to activate the matching pillar.

Once you activate a pillar two things will happen. First, the Kell Echo clone will disappear. Secondly, an Ogre will emerge from the ground. Take him out quickly and then prepare to repeat the process two more times until all of the Kell Echo clones are gone. A teleporter will appear in the center of the arena, take it to transport it to where the Kell Echo has been hiding.

You will come to a long, open hallway. There is a portal at the other end, waiting to return you to the triangular room of phase one. A series of platforms will be in front of you, as will the Kell Echo.

Start unloading as much damage as you can on the boss. He and some Taken Hobgoblin snipers will shoot you, and the Kell Echo will cast Teleporter Blights at you. When you are hit, you are instantly teleported to the beginning of this area. This is a problem because every time you are not near the boss, you will start accumulating stacks of Dark Entropy. If it reaches 10 stacks, you will die instantly.

As the Kell Echo takes damage, it will travel along the platforms towards the portal at the back of the room. Pursue him and stay close enough to avoid Dark Entropy while unloading damage on him. You will eventually reach the end of the room and teleport away. This is your queue to go through the portal and repeat the process.

From here, it’s a battle of endurance as you survive phase one and attack the Kell Echo in phase two. Persevere and he will eventually fall, sending you to the realm of the Nine, where some await you to reward your triumph.

Good luck in the Prophecy dungeon!

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