Borderlands 3 Ember’s Purge challenge steps: All Pieces of Résistance locations explained

In Borderlands 3 Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC, Ember has grown tired of the statues Pretty Boy has placed of himself in the casino. He wants him to use his Pieces of Resistance to blow them up.

In exchange, she will send you her weapon: Ember’s Purge.

Pretty Boy, however, has made sure that his statues are quite difficult to reach, so you’ll have to practice your climbing skills if you want to destroy them all.

There are five Pieces of Resistance that you can find and exploit in Handsome Jackpot. You will also receive XP, Eridium, and money for each Piece of Resistance you turn in.

Along with Scoville, Ember’s Purge is one of two legendary weapons in Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot that can only be found by completing a challenge.

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Spendopticon Pieces of Résistance locations in Borderlands 3

There are two Pretty Boy statues you can destroy in The Spendopticon.

The first is located just south of Timothy’s hideout.

The location of the first Pretty Boy statue in The Spendopticon.

The quickest way to get there is to fast travel to The Spendopticon – Timothy’s House. Once you are there, leave the hideout and head south, up the stairs, until you reach the entrance to a casino. If you look up, you can see the Pretty Boy statue standing on a ledge above you.

To reach this statue, head to the right side of this area. There you will find a collection of metal sheets near a container that will allow you to figure out how to climb the hedge to the top of the front door.

Use this collection of debris to climb the hedge.

You’ll want to climb to the top of the foliage that has the dollar sign placed on top of it; Being there will give you enough height so you can easily run and fall into the area with the Pretty Boy statue.

Carefully climb to the other side of the hedge and then jump to the roof.

The second Pretty Boy in The Spendopticon is located in the Market District, near where you defeat Handsome Jacket and Handsome Slacks during the fifth mission, The Plan.

The location of the second Pretty Boy statue in The Spendopticon.

To reach this area, fast travel to The Spendopticon – Market District and then follow the path to your left.

When you enter this area, go up to the small shack on your left. From here you can jump directly to the roof in front of you.

Climb to the roof of this hut and then to the roof in front of you.

Walk carefully around this roof, until you can see an entrance to the small platform above the walkway you used to enter the plaza. Jump onto this walkway.

Jump to this platform.

Once there, you can climb the wall to reach the platform with the Pretty Boy statue. Now all you have to do is place the Pieces of Resistance and watch sparks fly.

Climb this roof to reach the Pretty Boy statue.

Location of Impound Deluxe Pieces of Résistance in Borderlands 3

There is a Pretty Boy located in Impound Deluxe. It’s a good idea to complete this challenge while you venture into Impound Deluxe in the third mission, Winners and Losers.

The location of the Pretty Boy statue in Impound Deluxe.

Once you’ve ignored the Bureaucracy Bot and entered the Impound Deluxe, head to the area where you’ll fight the second wave of human attackers. It’s the place before you go up and cross the bridge that finally takes you to the place where you meet Freddie.

Before going up the bridge, look to your right and you will find a broken engine turbine.

Get on top of this engine.

You can easily climb onto the ledge next to this engine and from there on top of the engine itself.

It continues to rise above the engine.

Now you just have to climb to the back of the engine to discover a small ledge containing an umbrella, a chair and the statue that you must destroy.

You will find the Pretty Boy statue under the umbrella.

Location of Jack’s Secret Pieces of Resistance in Borderlands 3

There is a Pretty Boy that can be found in Jack’s Secret, which can be accessed once you start the sixth mission, Jack’s Wild. It is worth completing this challenge while playing this mission to avoid backtracking.

The location of the Pretty Boy statue in Jack’s Secret.

The statue can be found in the first main room after going down the hole that takes you deeper into the factory. After falling through the hole, look to your right to see the statue standing on the edge of a ledge.

To reach it, you must jump to the floor panels to the right side of the ledge you drop down on.

Try to avoid hitting the ceiling when jumping.

There you will find a metal sheet hanging slightly over the edge. You can use this metal to jump across the gap and reach the area where the Pretty Boy statue is located.

This jump may take some time, as the wall can knock you over and land in the lava, killing you. Once you make the jump, all you have to do is place the Piece of Resistance and shoot it to complete this challenge.

Pieces of Resistance VIP Tower Location in Borderlands 3

The final statue of Pretty Boy awaiting his Pieces of Resistance can be found on the first floor of the VIP Tower.

The location of the Pretty Boy statue in the VIP Tower.

After walking down the hallway from the foyer to the main room, turn immediately left, where you will see an ivy-covered wall.

If you’re having trouble scaling the wall, try the far left corner.

You can easily scale this wall to reach a ledge where the final Pretty Boy can be found waiting for his Piece of Resistance.

How to collect Ember’s Purge in Borderlands 3

Once you have delivered all five Pieces of Resistance, Ember will spend your Ember’s Purge.

To find it, open the game’s start menu, which allows you to exit, view your trophies, and access options, among other things. You must select the “Social” option to open your in-game inbox.

Select ‘Social’ from this menu to receive Ember’s Purge.

Ember’s Purge will be in a message from Ember, which should be the first email in your inbox. Now you just need to make sure you have a free space in your inventory, so you can press ‘OK’ to receive your new weapon.

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How useful is Ember’s Purge in Borderlands 3?

Ember’s Purge is a Maliwan submachine gun. This means that after a small amount of charging, you can hold down the trigger and unleash rapid fire, both in terms of bullets and literal fire.

This weapon deals incendiary damage, making it very effective against enemies made of flesh. He also has the special ability to create a pool of lava beneath his victim, which will not harm you.

Overall, if you’re looking for a primary incendiary weapon, Ember’s Purge is a great choice. It has a large magazine size, 34, and thanks to a higher weapon fire rate, +15%, it will easily take down your enemies.

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