Pokémon Go Gen 4 Pokémon list released so far, and every creature from Diamond and Pearl’s region listed

387 Turtwig Type of grassWithout previous evolution 388 Grotle Grass Type Evolves from Turtwig (using Candy) 389 Torterra Grass/Ground TypeEvolves from Torterra (using Candy) 390 Chimchar Type of fireNo previous evolution 391 Monferno Fire/Fighting TypeEvolves from Chimchar (using Candy) 392 hell Fire/Fighting Type Monferno Evolves (using Candy) 393 Piplup Type of WaterNo previous evolution 394 prinplup Water TypeEvolves from Piplup (using Candy) 395 empoleon Water/Steel Type Evolves from Prinplup (using Candy) 396 starry Normal / Flying TypeNo previous evolution 397 Starávia Normal/Flying TypeEvolves from Starly (using Candy) 398 Staraptor Normal/Flying TypeEvolves from Staraptor (using Candy) 399 Bidoof Normal TypeWithout previous evolution 400 Bibarel Bidoof’s Normal/Water Evolves Type (using Candy) 401 criketot Type of errorNo previous evolution 402 kricketune Bug type Evolves from Kricketot (using Candy) 403 Shinx Electric TypeNo previous evolution 404 pike Electric Type Evolves from Shinx (using Candy) 405 luxray Luxio’s Electric Type Evolves (using Candy) 406 budew Grass/Poison-type baby Pokémon that appears in 5 km eggs (evolves into Roselia) 407 pink Grass/Poison TypeEvolves from Roselia (using a Sinnoh Stone) 408 Cranids Rock TypeNo previous evolution 409 rampards Rock TypeEvolves from Cranids (using Candy) 410 Shield Rock/Steel TypeNo previous evolution 411 bastiodon Rock/Steel TypeEvolves from Shieldon (using Candy) 412 burmy Error typeNo previous evolutions 413 Wormadam Types Insect and Grass, Earth or Steel Evolves from the Burmy woman in the main games. Changes the type depending on the layer (in main games). 414 Mothim Insect/Flying TypeEvolves from Burmy Man in the main games. 415 Combee Bug/Flight TypeNo previous evolution 416 Vespiquen Insect/flying typeEvolves from Combee 417 pachirisu Electric TypeNo previous evolutionregional exclusive 418 buizel Type of waterFound in nature, Raids 419 float Buizel’s Evolve Water Type (using Candy) 420 cherub Grass typeNo previous evolution 421 Cherrim Grass TypeEvolves from Cherubi (using Candy)Changes appearance when it’s sunny (in main games) 422 shellos Water type No prior evolution Two location-based forms found in the main games 423 gastrodon Water/Earth Type Evolves from Shellos Two location-based forms found in the main games. 424 ambipom Normal type Evolves from Aipom (using a Sinnoh stone) 425 Driflon Ghost/Flying TypeNo previous evolution 426 Drifblim Ghost/Flying TypeEvolves from Drifblim (using Candy) 427 bunary Normal TypeWithout previous evolution 428 Lopunny Normal typeEvolves from Buneary (with a lot of friendship in the main games) 429 samegium Ghost TypeEvolves from Misdreavus (using a Sinnoh Stone) 430 honchkrow Dark/Flying TypeEvolves from Murkrow (using a Sinnoh Stone) 431 Glameow Normal TypeWithout previous evolution 432 purugly Normal TypeEvolves from Glameow (using Candy) 433 jingle Baby-type psychic Pokémon (evolves into Chimecho with great friendship at night in main games) 434 stinky Poison/Dark TypeNo previous evolution 435 science fiction tank Poison/Dark TypeEvolves from Stunky (using Candy) 436 Bronzor Steel/Psychic TypeNo previous evolution 437 Bronzong Steel/Psychic Type Evolves from Bronzor (using Candy) 438 Kindly Rock-type baby Pokémon (evolves into Sudowoodo upon meeting Mimic in the main games) 439 Mime Jr. Psychic/Fairy-type baby Pokémon (evolves into Mr. Mime when you meet Mimic in the main games) 440 happy Normal type baby Pokémon hatched from eggs 441 Chatot Normal / Flying TypeNo previous evolutionregional exclusive 442 spiritomb Ghost/Dark TypeNo previous evolution 443 gible Dragon/Earth TypeNo previous evolution 444 Gabita Gible’s Dragon/Earth Type Evolves (using Candy) 445 garchomp Dragon/Earth TypeEvolves from Gabite (using Candy) 446 Munchlax Normal baby type Pokémon (evolves into Snorlax with great friendship in the main games) 447 Riolu Fighting TypeNo previous evolution 448 lucario Fighting/Steel TypeEvolves from Riolu (with a lot of friendship in the main games) 449 hippos Soil TypeWithout previous evolution 450 hippowdon Soil TypeEvolves from Hippopotas (using Candy) 451 Skorupí Poison/Bug TypeNo previous evolution 452 Drapion Poison/Dark TypeEvolves from Skorupi (using Candy) 453 croagunk Poison/Fighting TypeNo previous evolution 454 toxic Poison/Fighting TypeEvolves from Croagunk (using Candy) 455 carnivine Grass typeNo previous evolutionregional exclusive 456 finneon Type of WaterNo previous evolution 457 lumineon Water TypeEvolves from Finneon (using Candy) 458 Mantyke Water/Flying-type baby Pokémon (evolves into Mantine with a Remoraid in the main games) 459 Snover Ice/Ice TypeNo previous evolution 460 Abomasnow Grass/Ice TypeEvolves from Snover (using Candy) 461 tissue Dark/Ice TypeEvolves from Sneasel (using a Sinnoh Stone) 462 magnezone Electric/Steel TypeEvolves from Magneton (when leveled up using a magnetic field in core games) 463 Lickilicky Normal type Evolves from Lickitung (using a Sinnoh stone) 464 hyperperior Soil/Rock TypeEvolves from Rhydon (using a Sinnoh Stone) 465 tangential growth Grass TypeEvolves from Tangela (upon learning Ancient Power in the main games) 466 electivir Electric Type Evolves from Electabuzz (using a Sinnoh Stone) 467 Magmortar Fire Type Evolves from Magmar (using a Sinnoh Stone) 468 Togekiss Fairy/Flying TypeEvolves from Togetic (using a Sinnoh Stone) 469 Yanmega Bug/Flying TypeEvolves from Yanma (when Ancient Power is known in the main games) 470 leafeon Grass TypeEvolves from Eevee (using Moss Rock in the main games) 471 Glaceon Ice TypeEvolves from Eevee (using Ice Rock in the main games) 472 Gliscor Ground/Flying TypeEvolves from Gligar (using a Sinnoh Stone) 473 Mamosvino Ice/Ground Type Evolves from Piloswine (using a Sinnoh Stone 474 Porygon-Z Normal typeEvolves from Porygon2 (using a Sinnoh stone) 475 Gallada Psychic/Fighting TypeEvolves from Kirlia Man (using a Sinnoh Stone) 476 Probopass Rock/Steel TypeEvolves from Nosepass (when leveled up using a special magnetic field in the main games) 477 to become night Ghost TypeEvolves from Dusclops (when traded with a Reaper Cloth in the main games) 478 Froslass Ice/Ghost Type Evolves from female Snorunt (using a Sinnoh Stone) 479 rotom Types Electric and Ghost, Fire, Water, Ice, Flying or Grass. Without previous evolution. Change appearance based on appliance ownership in core games. 480 Uxie Psychic TypeOne of three Legendary Lake Trio available in the wild 481 mesprit Psychic TypeOne of three Legendary Lake Trio available in the wild 482 Azelf Psychic TypeOne of three Legendary Lake Trio available in the wild 483 Dialga Steel/Dragon Type Legendary Pokémon 484 palkia Water/Dragon TypeLegendary Pokémon 485 heatran Fire/Steel TypeLegendary Pokémon 486 Regigigas Normal type legendary Pokémon 487 giratina Ghost/Dragon TypeLegendary PokémonChange shape when holding Griseous Orb 488 Cresselia Psychic TypeLegendary Pokémon 489 phione Water TypeMythical Pokémon Obtained by breeding Manaphy or Phione with Ditto in the main games. 490 manafi Water TypeMythical Pokémon 491 darkrai dark type mythical pokemon 492 shaymin Grass or Grass/Flying TypeMythical PokémonChange form and type when using a Gracidea flower in the main game 493 arceus Normal type mythical Pokémon

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