Brain Teaser For IQ Test: Only Top 1% Geniuses Can Find the Killer In the Garment Shop in 33 Seconds! Can You?

IQ Test Puzzle: Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery? Finding a killer hiding in plain sight through deduction stimulates the mind like nothing else.

The background, the victim, the severity of the murder, the clues and the interrogation of the suspects are part of every great mystery puzzle, and we have one just for you.

Nowadays, people severely lack critical thinking and observation skills and often fail to deduce even the simplest puzzles. Hopefully, you’re not one of them.

But there’s only one way to know. Take the following IQ test to see if you are among the top 1% of geniuses in the world or not.

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IQ test puzzle: Only the top 1% of geniuses can find the killer in the clothing store in 33 seconds

Here is a detective riddle.

Puzzle for IQ test Find the murderer in 33 seconds


There are four people in a clothing store. One of them is killed. The killer has not left the store and is hiding in plain sight. It is up to you to bring him to justice.

So get ready with your coat, your pipe and your detective hat.

It’s time to solve a murder!

Can you find the murderer? The suspects are the cashier, the customer and the cast man. Anyone could be the murderer.

But remember, you only have 33 seconds before the killer escapes. So hurry up!

Your time starts now.

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IQ Test Puzzle: Clothing Store Killer Revealed

So, did you make your choice? Let’s see if he stopped the right person.

The killer in the clothing store is the Plaster Man.

Puzzles for IQ Test Find the Killer Solution


– Well, first of all, the blood stains are on the victim’s right side, indicating that the killer attacked him from the left and is probably left-handed.

– The cashier writes with her right hand and the customer pays with her right hand. These acts are mostly performed with the dominant hand, so we can conclude that the couple is right-handed.

– Additionally, the man is wearing a cast on his right hand, which could be the perfect place to hide a weapon.

– He is also sorting shirts and coats, although he cannot put them on or try them on without removing the cast. That’s suspicious enough to warrant at least interrogation, especially in this case.

Therefore, the murderer is the man wearing the cast.

Did you make the same deduction?

Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t. Keep practicing and solving puzzles to improve your cognitive skills. Check out more puzzles for IQ test below.

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