You are smarter than Sherlock if you can catch the criminal in 7 seconds!

Riddles are brain teasers or brain teasers that require logical thinking to solve.

The puzzles usually involve some form of deduction, such as finding the missing word, object, or number in a picture or sentence.

They are very common in our daily lives and are considered one of the most effective ways to improve mental performance. There are several types of puzzles. Some are simple, while others are complex.

As long as they are challenging, they should be able to stimulate your brain and improve your cognitive abilities.

That is why we are back with another riddle to get your brain flowing.

Are you ready?

Find the criminal in 7 seconds


Source: Cool Side

A crime was committed in a town. A man was murdered in cold blood. Police arrived at the crime scene and found a note in the victim’s hand. The note was crumpled, but the police were able to understand what was written on it. There were four numbers written on the note. The police caught three suspects and questioned them one by one. The strange note found at the crime scene is the only way to find out who killed the man. And your time starts now.

Look closely at the note and you’ll find the killer in no time.

This brain teaser is one of the best ways to test how good your detective skills are. You need to apply critical thinking and analytical skills if you want to solve this brainy riddle. When you have 7 up, scroll down to see the solution.

puzzle solution

The criminal was Tess. How did we deduce that she was the killer? Take a look yourself:


Source: Cool Side

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