U.S. Coast Guard Day 2023: Know about Origin and New Logo by Coast Guard Academy

US Coast Guard Day 2023: US Coast Guard Day is celebrated on August 4 each year. The day commemorates the founding of the Revenue Cutter Service, the forerunner of today’s Coast Guard. Its goal is to appreciate and honor the hard work and dedication of rescuers.

Who are the coast guards?

The Coast Guard is a military service under the Department of Transportation, which in times of peace enforces maritime laws, saves life and property at sea, and maintains aids to navigation, and which in times of war may rely on the Department of the Navy for increase navy.

US Coast Guard Day 2023: Origin and History

The Coast Guard has operated at sea continuously since its creation, although the name did not appear until 1915, since until then the Revenue Cutter Service and the Salvage Service were combined.

The Coast Guard was later transferred to the newly formed Department of Transportation in 1967 after serving for 177 years under the Treasury Department along with the Lighthouse Service (1939) and the Bureau of Steamship Navigation and Inspection (1949). . Congressional legislation that US President Woodrow Wilson signed into law on January 28, 1915 gave the US Coast Guard its current name.

Coast Guard Day is a great event for active duty Coast Guard members, civilian members, reservists, retirees, auxiliaries, and dependents; however. Also, it draws the attention of quite a few members of the general public. Grand Haven, Michigan, commonly known as Coast Guard City, hosts the Coast Guard Festival each year on the occasion of Coast Guard Day. It is considered a major national celebration of the Coast Guard.

US Coast Guard Day 2023: All About the New Logo

The US Coast Guard Academy recently introduced a new brand identity inspired by two central elements: the Coast Guard racing stripe and the bear. According to Dr. Dan Rose, CGA director of athletics, “The goal of this project was to update our markings in a way that would strengthen our alignment with the operational Coast Guard and honor the rich traditions of our service.”

Thus, the new logo consists of two main elements: the racing stripes and the bear. Understand the meaning of the symbolism of the following two:

Racing Stripe: The racing stripe serves as the Coast Guard’s universal identification symbol, uniting all those connected to the service. The recognizable stripe can be seen on all Coast Guard equipment, including helicopters, planes, patrol boats, and cutters.

Bear: The rarest but physically enormous bear in North America, the Alaskan Kodiak bear is native to Kodiak Island, Alaska. The bear is a tribute to the Revenue Cutter Bear, who saw action in both World Wars and established US law enforcement as the premier force in newly acquired Alaska. Furthermore, he comes across as fierce and aggressive, embodying the Coast Guard ethos of taking on every task head-on.

For US Coast Guard Day, a variety of events and activities are organized to honor and recognize the service and sacrifice of servicemen and women. The day also serves as an opportunity for ordinary people to learn more about the difficulties of the Coast Guard.

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