WOW Legion guide: classes, dungeons, professions, raids and more!

Legion, the sixth expansion for World of Warcraft, came out just a couple of weeks ago and brought with it all the usual features you’d expect from a WOW expansion in 2016: lots more dungeons, a new continent to level up your characters, and a new Hunter class. of demons to play with. There’s a lot to catch up on if you’re back from a break, so we’re gradually growing a collection of guides for Legion in partnership with our Blizzard sister site, Metabomb.

Over the next few weeks, we will gradually build on the content of this Legion guide with more and more content as new articles are added to the site. As you can see from this index page, we plan to cover quite a bit of ground and will be covering some of the more traditional aspects of the game, along with all the new features and innovations. If you need to improve your professions, for example, we will have the help you need in due time.

World of Warcraft: Legion Interview: The Changing Nature of WOW Expansions

For now, we have all the updated class guides with everything you need to know to reach the new level 110 cap as quickly as possible, using the recommended specs and talent. Over time we will expand these basic guides with tips on how to play the other specializations, in addition to making use of the best add-ons and macros in each case.

We believe that at least one new article will be added to the site each day for the foreseeable future, so be sure to check back regularly for the latest updates.

WOW Legion Class Guides

Not only is there a new class to play in Legion, but all the old favorites have also been significantly overhauled for the new expansion. These guides should get you up to speed in no time and help you move towards the new level cap.

Dungeon and raid guides.

There’s a pretty generous selection of dungeons to launch this time around, and we’re just a few weeks away from getting stuck into the first crop of Legion raid content too. We will complete this section of our guide as quickly as we can.



  • The Emerald Nightmare WOW Legion: The Emerald Nightmare Guide Coming Soon!
  • nighthold WOW Legion: Nighthold Guide Coming Soon!
  • Suramar Palace – WOW Legion: Suramar Palace Guide Coming Soon!

professional guides

There are no completely new professions to play with in Legion, but each of the existing ones has, of course, been given a new level cap and some new tweaks to how they work.

Primary professions

  • Alchemy- WOW Legion: Alchemy Guide Coming Soon!
  • Blacksmith – WOW Legion: Blacksmithing guide coming soon!
  • Charming – WOW Legion: Lovely Guide Coming Soon!
  • Engineering – WOW Legion: Engineering Guide Coming Soon!
  • Inscription – WOW Legion: Registration guide coming soon!
  • jeweler’s – WOW Legion: Jewelry Guide Coming Soon!
  • fur – WOW Legion: Leatherworking Guide Coming Soon!
  • tailor shop – WOW Legion: Adaptation Guide Coming Soon!

Gathering Professions

  • herbalism – WOW Legion: Herbalism Guide Coming Soon!
  • Mining – WOW Legion: Mining guide coming soon!
  • Skinning – WOW Legion: Skinning Guide Coming Soon!

Secondary professions

  • Archeology – WOW Legion: Archeology guide coming soon!
  • First aid – WOW Legion: First Aid Guide Coming Soon!
  • Cooking – WOW Legion: Cooking Guide Coming Soon!
  • Fishing – WOW Legion: Fishing Guide Coming Soon!

New Feature Guides

Are you having trouble understanding the new Legion news? Here you will find guides on some of the main features of the new expansion.

  • Class orders – WOW Legion: Class Orders guide coming soon!
  • Order rooms – WOW Legion: Order Halls Guide Coming Soon!
  • Champions – WOW Legion: Champion Guide Coming Soon!
  • World bosses – WOW Legion: World Bosses Guide Coming Soon!
  • Transfiguration – WOW Legion: Transmog Guide Coming Soon!
  • Artifact weapons – WOW Legion: Artifact Weapons Guide Coming Soon!
  • Leveling Guide – WOW Legion: Leveling Guide Coming Soon!
  • PvP guide – WOW Legion: PvP Guide Coming Soon!

New Features Overview

Artifact weapons

As you progress through Legion, you’ll gain access to a powerful artifact weapon for each of your specializations. As you play, you’ll accumulate artifact points that you can then spend on your weapons to unlock new abilities or upgrade existing ones for your chosen specialization. Think of them as a separate talent tree for your chosen specialization.

Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter is new to Legion and is the second hero class to join the game after Wrath of the Lich King’s Death Knights. Demon Hunters are capable of filling the tank or DPS role and, as a result, only have access to two specializations: Revenge for tanking and Havoc for damage. Roll a Demon Hunter and you’ll start at level 98 of the game.

Maximum level

There’s a new max level cap of 110 in Legion, but this time the way you’ll reach it is a little different. Instead of fighting your way through a series of level-bracketed regions, in Legion you have more freedom to choose the order in which you tackle each area of ​​the Broken Isles continent.

order rooms

Halls of Order are another new feature in Legion and represent a class-specific space in the world for you to meet with all other characters of a given type. From there you will be able to manage your Champions as they go about their business in a similar way to the Followers of the Garrison system from the last expansion.

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