Word Before “Humbug” Universal Crossword Clue 30th December.

Solving the universal crossword can be complicated. Here we have the answer to the word before the clue “Humbug” for December 30.

Saumya Updated: December 30, 2022 3:00 PM IST

Word before the universal crossword puzzle “Humbug” for December 30.

Nowadays, one of the most popular online pastimes is completing puzzles. Puzzles that test a person’s creativity, intelligence, and problem-solving skills are extremely popular. One of those popular puzzles is the Universal Crossword published daily by the Globe and Mail.

Figuring out the answers to the universal crossword puzzle can be difficult. Even the most experienced crossword puzzle fans may be stumped by some of the clues.

We have solved one of the most difficult clues, the word before “Humbug”, for today’s universal crossword, December 30.

Continue reading to find the answer to the word before the Humbug clue.

Word before “Humbug” Universal Crossword Clue Answer

This clue is particularly daunting to discover. But veteran crossword solvers can easily solve it. If you couldn’t find the answers to the clue, read on to find out.

The answer to this word before the clue “Humbug” is:

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