Vietnam Veterans’ Day 2023: Know the Facts and Figures About Battle of Long Tan

The Battle of Long Tan was a major battle in the Vietnam War. It took place on August 18, 1966 and is celebrated on Vietnam Veterans Day to honor the sacrifices of all soldiers.

Vietnam Veterans Day 2023

Vietnam Veterans Day 2023

Vietnam Veterans Day is a day to honor the men and women who served in the Vietnam War. The war lasted from 1955 to 1975 and was a very divisive conflict. However, the soldiers who fought in Vietnam deserve respect and gratitude.

One of the most famous battles of the Vietnam War was the Battle of Long Tan. It took place on August 18, 1966, and involved a small force of Australian and New Zealand soldiers fighting against a much larger force of Viet Cong and New Zealand soldiers. North Vietnamese Army. The battle took place on a rubber plantation near Long Tān in Phước Tuy Province, South Vietnam.

The Australian War Memorial states: “The Battle of Long Tan was fought on 18 August 1966. One hundred and five men from D Company, 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (6RAR) and three New Zealanders from a forward artillery observation group from 161 Battery Camp New Zealand, he was met by a force of more than 2,000 Vietcong soldiers.

Here are some facts and figures about this war:

  • According to the Australian War Memorial, during the battle 17 Australians were killed and 25 soldiers were wounded, one of whom later died of wounds.
  • The Australians were outnumbered during the war. There were more than 2,000 Vietnamese troops against 108 Australian soldiers, as indicated by
  • Despite being outnumbered, the Australians managed to defeat between 245 and 800 Vietnamese soldiers.
  • There were 105 soldiers from D Coy, 6RAR, Australian Army and a 3 man group from the New Zealand Advanced Artillery Observation group, 161 Bty RNZA.
  • According to, there were “2,000 soldiers from the Viet Cong Main Force 275 Regiment, 500 soldiers from an unidentified North Vietnamese Army Battalion, probably from the PVA 33rd Regiment, and 550 soldiers from the Provincial Mobile Battalion of the Viet Cong D445 (local force VC)”.
  • Seven Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Huey UH-1B Iroquois helicopters and one United States Army Medical Company (Air Ambulance) helicopter were used to evacuate the wounded and dead from D Company.
  • The VC were well entrenched in the rubber trees and outnumbered the Australians by a ratio of 10 to 1 according to the Australian War Memorial.
  • The Australian War Memorial mentions that the war lasted about three hours.

To conclude, the Battle of Long Tan was a defining moment in the Vietnam War. This day is remembered as a symbol of bravery and honors the memory of the soldiers who died during the war.

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