Find The Mistake In This Fishing Picture To Reveal Your IQ Within 7 Seconds!

Can you find the only mistake in this image of a man fishing near a river? A person with a low IQ would not even notice this mistake. However, if he can spot it, he has extremely high attention skills. You are very intelligent with knowledge of the world.

Brain teasers and brain teasers require good observation skills, attention to detail, and logical thinking. All of these are abilities associated with intelligence.

Only 2.5% of people have an IQ above 130. So, if you’re also looking to score higher on IQ tests, you should solve at least 2-3 riddles every day.

How smart are you? Tell what is wrong in the fishing picture in 7 seconds!

brain riddle to test your iq level

Let’s get one thing straight. There is ONE big mistake in this fishing image.

A man enjoys fishing near a river. He has a cigar in his mouth and a watch on his right hand. He has a tin box full of bait for the fish. He is looking for fish that live in fresh water.

So what’s wrong with the image?

Most people said that it looks like a scene from a happy fishing day.

Can you tell what is wrong with the image? Can you find the bug in 7 seconds?

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This picture puzzle will challenge your intelligence. Look carefully at the image. See if you can spot what’s weird here in the image.

You can always refer to the solution at the bottom of this article when the time is up.

Don’t worry! we have provided the answer below.

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Visual puzzle Find the answer to the mistake

Bravo! If you caught the bug in this fishing image in 7 seconds. However, if you’re still wondering what’s wrong here, see below.

Sea stars do not live in rivers. They are marine animals that live in salt water. Their bodies are adapted to live in salt water and cannot survive in fresh water.

what is wrong with the answer of the image

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