Tricky Puzzle IQ Test: Challenge Your Visual Skills! Can you find all the rabbits in this picture within 3 seconds?

Puzzle IQ Test: Puzzles can be really entertaining and also help develop our brain, and enhance our retention power, attention to detail and spatial orientation. Riddles also help to test your intelligence level and observation skills. This puzzle intelligence test is very cute but also difficult to solve.

Puzzle lovers have loved this hidden picture puzzle that challenges you to find all the rabbits in 3 seconds in this picture. You only have 3 seconds! Test your intelligence and visual reasoning with this puzzle.

Tricky Puzzle IQ Test: Can you spot all the rabbits in 3 seconds? Tricky Puzzle IQ Test: Can you spot all the rabbits in 3 seconds?

Image source: Cool Side

Here we have cute rabbits. You have to count all the rabbits. It seems easy, right? How many rabbits do you see? We bet you’ll say nine.

But wait! This puzzle is complicated. There are rabbits hidden in this puzzle. That? Yes of course.

You have to tell us how many rabbits there are in total in this picture puzzle.

Let us give you some clues. These rabbits are cleverly camouflaged in the image. You have to have the eyes of a hawk to identify that cute animal with rabbit ears.

Do you think you have sharp hawk eyes? Can you find all the rabbits in this picture puzzle in 3 seconds?

You have 3 seconds to spot all the rabbits in this image. Can you see them all?

We advise people to look at the image carefully considering that the time limit is short.

Look at the puzzle carefully and say, “How many rabbits are there in this picture?”

Your time starts now!

The puzzle challenges viewers to test their visual reasoning, their ability to identify patterns and apply logic to solve this puzzle. Check out this puzzle to see your genius level.

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You are a real GENIUS if you could spot all the rabbits in this image in 3 seconds!

However, if you are still figuring out how many rabbits there are in this puzzle, we reveal the answer below. If you look closely at the image, you will see that there are a total of 12 rabbits in this image.

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