Today’s Wordle hint and answer on Saturday 9th March for 994

Saturday celebrates both the true beginning of the weekend and the arrival of Wordle’s response for today, March 9.

For the uninitiated, the goal of Wordle is to solve a daily five-letter word with six puzzles. The less guessing the better, and if you can’t guess anything, you’ll break your streak.

The latter is why finding today’s Wordle answer is a priority, as players pride themselves on maintaining their streak. So why go for a risky final guess when you can learn a few clues and otherwise get the definitive answer? This page can help with that.

Once you have the floor today, learn more about Wordle and how the New York Times became interested in games in this interview with Jonathan Knight, NYTimes games director. In keeping with the theme of words, we also discuss why the NYTimes Mini Crossword Puzzle is a reliable delight.

Clues for today’s Wordle answer

Instead of jumping straight to the answer, you may just need a few tips to get you over the line:

  • Today’s word has two vowels.
  • There is a letter that repeats in this word.
  • The last letter is ‘R’.
  • You can do this after something good happens.

I’m not sure yet? Read on to find out the answer.

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Wordle’s response for word 994 on March 9, 2024

Even with the clues above, are you still unsure and want to keep that streak going?

Wordle’s answer today is JOY.

I almost didn’t get today’s Wordle, because of those damn letters repeating themselves again. While ‘Cuter’ told me that the word started with ‘C’, the letters that came after were the problem. That is, because that double ‘E’ is worth repeating (at least for me). When my guess about ‘Give in’ failed, I finally realized that the answer might be ‘Cheer’.

Sharing a Wordle answer
Don’t forget to share your answer on Wordle once you’re done. | Image credit: MichaelJBerlin –

Now you have the answer, don’t tell others! Remember, you can share your spoiler-free results in grid form.

Of course, no one has to know that you came to this page to solve it. Maybe make two or three false guesses first to throw them off, perhaps?

The current etymology of Wordle

“Cheer” originally began as “chere,” a Middle English word borrowed from Old French, and referred to the expression of emotions through its definition of “the face” or “countenance.” This definition would eventually evolve to mean the “mental temperament shown by expression,” whether good or bad, during the 15th century. In the late 15th century, it would also mean “to make cheerful” or “to promote good humor.”

The first use of “joy” to describe “screams of encouragement” was recorded during the 1720s.

Previous Wordle answers for this week

And now our ‘Previously on Wordle’ segment! (I know ‘in’ works better, but let me tell you this…) Yesterday this word appeared:

  • Friday March 7 (993) – EARLY
  • Thursday March 6 (992) – CLONE
  • Wednesday March 5 (991) – TEAR
  • Tuesday March 5 (990) – hunch
  • Monday March 4 (989) – CALL

If you want to know all the words that have appeared in Wordle in the past, check out our archive of previous Wordle answers.

What to play after Wordle

Once you’ve completed your daily Wordle, the question is: what will you play next?

Of course, you can try other word games offered by the New York Times, such as Spelling Bee, Mini Crossword, and Letter Boxed. You can also try Connections, daily Sudokus, and Tiles, a fairly additive pattern matching game.

NYT games

There are also a variety of games that have put a twist on Wordle’s formula. Squaredle challenges you to find a series of words by connecting letters on a four-by-four grid. Meanwhile, Dordle, Quorodly, Octordly, and Sedecordle keep the standard Wordle, while increasing the number of words you have to find. The challenge lies in how your guesses count for all the words, so you must decide whether you will focus on a specific word or try to solve several words at the same time. Fortunately, the number of guesses you receive increases along with the number of words you are expected to solve.

However, if you want a break from spelling, try GeoGuessr. Here you will be given an image of some place, anywhere in the world and you will have to place a marker where you think that location is. There’s even an old-school RuneScape version.

I hope you enjoyed playing Wordle today!

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