The Optical Illusion That’s Stumping the Internet: Can You Find the Sleeping Pug?

Optical illusions are a fantastic way to break free from the monotonous routine and engage your brain in some fun activities.

These images are designed with the goal of tricking your brain into believing that the hidden objects you are looking for are not actually there.

This happens because of the way the human brain stores and captures information. Our brains are designed to fill in gaps with information already available, making it difficult to detect an object.

One such puzzle has become an Internet favorite.

This optical illusion shows an image of employees working from home and having a video call. Among these people is a dog who discreetly takes a nap.

The image was created by Bingo Scanner and features a pretty interesting background that perfectly hides the dog.

Did you know that the ancient lineage of pugs dates back to before 400 BC? Pretty amazing, right?

Well, coming to the puzzle, the challenge before you is to determine the sleeping pug in 19 seconds.

Are you willing to test your observation skills and become a true puzzle master?

Start the stopwatch and look for the pug. All the best!

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Source: Bingo Scanner

Did you have any luck finding the hidden pug?

Try harder, it’s right in front of your eyes.

Here are some tips:

  • Try to focus on one part of the image at a time.
  • Don’t be afraid to zoom in or out.

Did you still not understand it?

Well, here’s an important clue: try looking for the dog’s tail.

You found it?

Hurry up! Time is about to end.

3… 2… and 1!

Oh no, the time limit is up.

I hope you found the hidden dog.

If you found it, congratulations! Your observation skills have paid off.

If you didn’t find the dog, it’s okay, you’ve made a lot of progress and you’ll get there soon.

You can scroll up and try to find the sleeping pug without any timer this time.

Now, here is the solution to the puzzle.

Find the hidden Pug: solution

The dog hides in the third row, in the right corner, right behind the bearded man.


Source: Bingo Scanner

Wasn’t this puzzle amazing? Try other optical illusions and see if you can solve them.

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