You have really sharp eyes if you can find a magnifying glass in 5 seconds!

Seek and find puzzles test readers’ visual skills by asking them to spot a hidden object in the picture.

These puzzles are not only entertaining, but also improve concentration and attention to detail. Sharpen readers’ observation skills by asking them to carefully examine the image and select the hidden object.

They are fun and challenging at the same time. The answers to such challenging puzzles are usually quite simple and easy to locate.

Practicing these challenges daily helps you think outside the box and find creative solutions to problems. Plus, it’s one of the best ways to improve your critical thinking skills.

It also helps prevent cognitive decline in adults.

If you are a fan of seek and find puzzles, you will find this challenge interesting.

Let’s start!

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Seek and find puzzle: find magnifying glass in 5 seconds


Source: Pinterest

In the image shared above, a balcony scene is featured in which two children can be seen together with their father working on flower pots.

Also seen are a cat, a dog and a bird.

The challenge presented to readers is simple.

You have to find a magnifying glass somewhere in the image within 5 seconds.

You can do it?

Focus your eyes and mind on the image and see if you can spot the magnifying glass within the time limit.

All the best!

This simple challenge tests your observation skills.

Have you seen the magnifying glass?

Hurry up; time is running out.

Zoom in to see if that helps.


Time is over.

Most of you will have already seen the magnifying glass on the balcony.

If you are unable to detect the magnifying glass within the time limit, you can refer to the solution given below.

Find the magnifying glass in 5 seconds – Solution

The magnifying glass can be seen on the right side of the image.


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