Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon locations – how to find and collect Moons in Odyssey’s many Kingdoms

Power Moon locations will probably be the most important thing you’ll look for when playing Super Mario Odyssey.

They drive progression as you unlock one kingdom to the next, and will be the main motivator for returning and replaying areas, with many more unlocked after a first visit and once you’ve finished the story.

Below is a list of contents of all of our Kingdom-specific guides on how and where to find Power Moons in the various Kingdoms in the game.

Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon Locations – How to Find and Collect Moons

The Power Moons are the real ‘stars’ of Super Mario Odyssey. Part collectible, part currency, and the most important resource you’ll need to collect to progress through the story objectives and reach the final showdown with Bowser. There is no fixed number of moons per world (it depends on how big and simple/complicated the kingdom is), but you will need a lot of time to find them.

There are also moons in another post-world realm, which we have yet to detail in this guide, but it’s such a treat that it’s worth exploring for yourself without spoilers.

Do you need more help? Our Super Mario Odyssey guide and walkthrough breaks down all the objectives for each kingdom, while our Power Moon locations can help you locate Cascade Kingdom Power Moons, Sand Kingdom Power Moon, Metro Kingdom, and New Donk City Power Moons and more collectibles. We also have purple coin locations for each kingdom, and if you want to know what to spend them on, we have a list of hats, outfits, stickers, souvenirs, and a music list to equip the appearance of both. Mario and the Odyssey. Once you’ve finished the game, also check out the free Balloon World update.

What else do you need to know about Power Moon locations?

There are over 550 standard Power Moons in the game, and each kingdom will have a minimum number of Power Moons needed to reach each new kingdom. Fortunately, there are usually not many of them and many of these collectibles are in easy to find places.

Some are well hidden, even behind special doors (which lead to mini-games) and mini-rockets (which lead to special bonus stages). It’s worth noting that these places usually have a hidden Moon to find, so don’t leave until you find it.

Another thing worth noting is that Power Moons tend to unlock in waves. On a first visit, you can get a set amount, and sometimes once you’ve completed certain story objectives, such as the opening of New Donk City and the Kingdoms of Sand and Snow, more will appear. Without giving too much away, but completing the game will also unlock even more.

Oh, and reach 250 Power Moons and 500 Power Moons and you’ll unlock some additional challenges too.

Bottom line: Your first playthrough of a Kingdom is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of moons you can collect. Keep coming back until you get them all!

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