Pokémon Café Mix Staff list: How to recruit staff, increase Friendship Level, Café Skills and every Pokémon staff member explained

Pokémon Café Mix is ​​a free puzzle game where you must recruit various Pokémon to work in your café.

You gain these new staff members by increasing their friendship level, and once they’re part of the team, you can use their various coffee skills to your advantage.

Below you can find out exactly which Pokémon can join your staff and everything you need to know about their abilities in the Café.

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How to Recruit Pokémon Staff Members in Pokémon Café Mix

In addition to solving puzzles, one of the main objectives of Pokémon Café Mix is ​​to recruit Pokémon as members of your café staff. Doing so will allow them to help you solve puzzles, granting you access to their coffee skills, and as you increase their friendship level, you’ll increase their stats, making them more effective assistants in solving puzzles.

Each Pokémon is also specialized in a specific type of puzzle, such as drinks, meaning that if you’re stuck on a certain puzzle, then it’s a good idea to make sure the special Pokémon helping you matches the type of puzzle.

To recruit a Pokémon, you must first reach the order number that marks its first arrival at your cafe. This usually happens after you’ve unlocked a new decoration, and you can find out exactly when a new Pokémon will arrive by visiting the Cafe Upgrades menu.

In the Cafe Updates menu, you can look ahead to see which order number you will receive your next visitor and updates on. You can also check your updates and previous visitors.

Once a Pokémon has visited you for the first time, you can start raising its friendship level by correctly solving the puzzle every time it makes an order. Typically, you will only receive one star for each puzzle you solve, but occasionally you will receive a Friendship Bonus.

This Friendship Bonus will increase the number of stars you will receive for solving the puzzle, giving you the opportunity to add that client to your staff list sooner than usual. However, if you fail to complete the puzzle the first time, the Friendship Bonus will disappear and you will only receive one star for completing it.

Unlocked at order 50, Pelipper Bell will allow you to send invitations to two Pokémon for a party. During this party, you can increase the friendship levels of the two Pokémon you invited by solving puzzles, without having to wait for them to visit the cafeteria.

However, Pelipper Bell has two disadvantages: the first is that if you fail a puzzle, the party will end. The second is that the Pokémon attending the party are selected at random, and if you don’t like who’s attending, you’ll have to spend 200 Golden Acorns (Pokémon Café Mix’s in-game currency) to reissue the invitations.

Over time, thanks to the power of solving puzzles, you will be able to add a new staff member to your cafeteria.

Friendship level explained in Pokémon Café Mix

A Pokémon’s friendship level serves two different purposes in Pokémon Café Mix.

Initially, you must maximize a Pokémon’s friendship level by correctly following its orders, so that it becomes a member of your cafeteria staff.

Then, when members of that Pokémon species visit your cafe, solving their puzzles will increase that Pokémon’s friendship level in your staff. If you have a Charmander on your staff, for example, serving a Charmander customer will increase the staff’s Charmander friendship level.

Increasing a staff member’s friendship level will increase their stats, making them better assistants in solving puzzles. This includes decreasing the number of Pokémon you need to eliminate to fill their ability gauge and gaining extra moves if you choose them to help you with a puzzle.

You can find the friendship levels of all your staff members by selecting the Owner menu in the bottom left corner of the screen and then the “Pokémon List” option.

You can check the bonuses your personal Pokémon have in the Pokémon List.

Pokémon Café Mix: all unlockable Pokémon batons

Below you will find all the Pokémon you can recruit in Pokémon Café Mix by completing puzzles. We’ve also included when these Pokémon first appear and how many stars you’ll need for them to become staff members.

Coffee Abilities Explained in Pokémon Café Mix

Each Pokémon you recruit as a staff member in Pokémon Café Mix has its own Café Ability, which is a special ability that will help you solve puzzles.

To use a Café ability, you must first charge it by linking as many Pokémon icons as possible. The gauge in the bottom left corner will track how close you are to unlocking a Coffee skill.

Once the gauge is full, a Coffee ability will appear, next to the Pokémon icons, in the puzzle. However, you don’t need to use the Café Skill immediately. Instead, you can save it for a later move or simply decide not to use it at all.

When you decide to use a coffee ability, drag it into position like you would a Pokémon icon. You will be able to see a summary on the screen of the icons that will be affected by this ability; Just make sure you get it into position before time runs out!

The Coffee ability will activate when you release it or when time runs out.

Below you can find all of the Pokémon staff members that you can unlock by completing puzzles and the Cafe Skills, along with their specialty, which they can use:

Special Pokémon Staff Members in Pokémon Café Mix Explained

In addition to the Pokémon you can unlock simply by solving puzzles, there are other ways to get new staff members in Pokémon Café Mix.

The first way is by purchasing them using real-world currency in the in-game store, where certain Pokémon, such as Sweets Pikachu, will only be available in premium packs.

The in-game store is accessed by pressing the Golden Acorns button at the top of the screen.

The second way is to log into the game five days in a row. If you do this correctly you will be able to unlock Pikachu and you will know if you have done it correctly because when you load the game you will come across the Daily Stamp Board.

Finally, thanks to the official Pokémon Café Mix website, we know that certain Pokémon will only be available for a limited period of time in the game. If you manage to befriend this special Pokémon before the time period ends, it will join your staff forever.

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