Pokémon Go Inkay Limited Research bonuses, field research tasks and wild encounters explained

The Inkay Limited Research event is a short Pokémon Go event themed around the cute squid Pokémon.

During Inkay’s Limited Research, a selection of Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild and there are a couple of event bonuses for you to enjoy in Pokémon Go.

Not forgetting the field research tasks exclusive to the Inkay Limited Research event, which are very useful if you want to turn Inkay into Malamar.

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Inkay Limited Research Field Research Tasks in Pokémon Go

During the Inkay Limited Research event in Pokémon Go, you’ll be able to collect event-exclusive field research tasks by spinning PokéStops. These tasks can be saved to your Field Research Collection and completed after the event is over, if you wish.

The reward for all the tasks listed below is an encounter with Inkay and if you’re lucky, one could be shiny:

  • Catch 3 dark type Pokémon
  • Take a snapshot of a Dark-type Pokémon
  • Evolve 2 dark type Pokémon
  • Power up 3 Dark-type Pokémon
  • Earn candy by exploring with your friend
  • Use 3 berries to help catch Pokémon
  • Use 3 pineapple berries when catching Pokémon
  • Spin 2 Pokéstops or gyms
  • Make 5 curveball pitches
  • Make 3 curveball pitches in a row
  • Make 3 good throws in a row
  • Make 3 good curveball pitches
  • Make 3 big throws
  • Make a great curveball throw
  • Battle in a gym
  • Use a super effective charged attack

Thanks to Amiibofan101 from reddit for the help with this information.

Inkay Limited Research Bonuses and Wild Encounters in Pokémon Go Explained

The main draw of the Inkay Limited Research event is not only the opportunity to easily catch Inkay, but also the release of its shiny form in Pokémon Go. Each player has a better chance of catching a shiny Inkay during the event, so if you want one, be sure to participate.

If you catch a shiny Inkay, you’ll be able to turn it into a shiny Malamar, as long as you meet Inkay’s special evolution requirement, of course!

You will also receive candy from double catching any Pokémon during event hours.

The following Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild during the event:

  • Alolan Rattata
  • Murkrow
  • Houndour
  • Poochena
  • Galarian Zigzagoon
  • Nuzleaf
  • Sableye
  • purr

The Season of Adventure Abundance is here! Its first event is A Paldean Adventure, which sees the true launch of Gen 9 and the special research mission A Paldean Adventure. You can also work on the Timed Investigation: Master Ball mission and compete in Go Battle League. Be sure to compete in Shadow Raids, complete routes, use Daily Adventure Incense for a chance to encounter Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos, and Galarian Moltres. This incense can also give you encounters with other rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

Inkay Limited Research Event Time in Pokémon Go

The Inkay Limited Research event will take place between 11am and 2pm (local time) on Saturday, September 3 in Pokémon Go.

Good luck catching a shiny Inkay!

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