Optical Illusion: Finding the hidden owl in this image is super hard. Can you find the hidden owl?

From time to time, we come up with exciting challenges that trick your brain and give you the perfect 5-minute break that you seek and deserve in your long and hectic schedule. We never tire of innovation. Plus, our “find the hidden animal” challenges are what our readers are really excited about. Today, for our “find the hidden animal challenge”, we came up with owls. However, the real question is: why do we set challenges that require you to find the hidden animal? Are we trying to finish our tasks to search for the hidden animals through you? Well, that’s not the case. Do the jungle authorities give us some stipend every time we successfully find a hidden animal that they can’t find? Well, that’s not the case either. If making you find the hidden animals doesn’t benefit us at all, why are we obsessed with making you find hidden creatures in the forest? Well, the answer is well explained in more detail.

Why do we occasionally come up with “Find the Hidden Animal” challenges?

The answer is simple and very clear. Every time we come up with an image that looks perfectly fine but has a hidden creature and asks you to look for it in a limited amount of time, your brain goes into activity mode. Through this, your brain tries to look for answers that you otherwise wouldn’t have paid attention to. This makes your brain think outside the box. Getting your brain to think in unconventional ways, even for just five minutes a day, can be a great brain recharge. And who knows, the effect remains for a long time, making you find solutions to your problems in areas that you may not have generally examined.

Now that you know why we created our exciting “Find the Hidden Animal” sections, let’s talk about today’s challenge. The challenge we have posed today is unique and quite different from the usual. First, the animal we brought in today’s challenge is interesting, and second, the rules of today’s challenge are quite different from the usual ones.

Why have we chosen “owls” for today’s challenge?

The answer again is quite simple. We often talk about big cats and mammals, but we often forget about animals like owls. Owls can be mystical creatures. They are special in many ways, but what makes them extraordinarily unique is the fact that they are nocturnal beings. Unfortunately, these are creatures that are less talked about and that is why we thought of dedicating a blog to owls.

Now that you know the answers to all the questions, you are ready for the rules of the challenge.


The rules of the challenge are quite simple to understand. However, today, the real twist to the challenge is that you will have not one but three chances to search for the hidden owl. Plus, you will also get scores today.

On the first try, all you have to do is find the hidden owl in no more than 10 seconds. Well, just set a timer for 10 seconds on your phone. Start looking for the owl the moment the timer starts. Stop your search the moment it beeps. If you manage to find the hidden owl within ten seconds, you will receive 50 points for this. Fifty points indicate that you have successfully won the challenge.

However, spotting the hidden owl in just 10 seconds is a big challenge. So, on the second try, you will have 20 seconds to find the hidden owl. This time, simply set a timer for 20 seconds on your phone. Start searching for the hidden owl the moment the timer starts. Stop your search the moment the timer stops. In case you manage to find the hidden owl this time, you will receive 20 points for the same and you will win the challenge with the second position.

Now, life is full of upcoming opportunities. In case you can’t find the hidden owl even on the second try, don’t let your morale go down. On the third try, simply set a timer for 50 seconds on your phone and start searching for the hidden owl. Stop your search the moment the timer stops. If you succeed in this attempt, you will get 10 points.

Finding the hidden owl in this image is very difficult. Can you find the hidden owl?


Image source: Best Quiz (YouTube)

Could you see the hidden owl?

The owl


Image source: Best Quiz (YouTube)

Could you find the hidden owl? Whether you managed to find the hidden owl or not, it’s clear from the wide smile on your face that you enjoyed the challenge. I want something else? We will soon pose more challenges of this type.

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