Optical Illusion to Test Your IQ: Only 1% can spot the Hidden Letter in the picture within 10 secs!

Optical illusion to test your IQ level: If you love solving optical illusions, this one is for you. This optical illusion comes courtesy of viral TikToker Dean Jackson. In this latest mind-blowing optical illusion, there is a letter hidden in this trio of abstract shapes. We’ve seen plenty of optical illusions, but we bet this one is taking everyone by surprise. It is difficult to detect the letter in 10 seconds. Are you up for a challenge?

Optical illusion for IQ test: only 1% can detect the hidden letter in the image in 10 seconds!

Optical illusion intelligence test

This optical illusion has been shared to test your IQ level. In this optical illusion we see three abstract shapes. However, the image claims to have a hidden letter made up of abstract shapes.

The illusion challenges viewers to find the letter hidden in the image. Can you spot the letter hidden in this optical illusion in 10 seconds?

Your time starts now!

It is said that only 1% of people with a high IQ can find the hidden letter in this optical illusion. This optical illusion is a fun and engaging way to test your IQ. If you want a more accurate IQ level, you need to take real IQ tests.

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Did you find the hidden letter in 10 seconds?

If you are still looking for the hidden letter, we are here to help you find it. If you look closely at the image in sharp focus, you will start to see that all the lines are parallel to each other. When you start looking at the entire abstract image at 45 degrees, the abstract shape will look like the letter E.

Yeah! Letter E!

We have shared the image below for your reference.

Hidden optical illusions with answers.

Wasn’t this optical illusion a little disconcerting?

Studies show that optical illusions help the brain work faster, sharper, and smarter. They force you to think the unthinkable, expand the horizons of your mind and be more productive. Optical illusions are designed to trick the mind and vision. Optical illusions are excellent exercises for the brain. If you are looking to improve your perception and cognitive powers, you should definitely take this optical illusions test every day.

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