Optical Illusion: Here comes an easy challenge. Can you find the hidden crow?

In the world we live in, finding anything is a huge task. Eager to find a good friend? First you must be friends with snakes. Do you want to find true love? Well, not many can find it. Looking for your lost pair of socks? Well, that’s also very hard to find.

When we lose something that is very dear to us, we often feel immense difficulty searching for it. Finding things is not easy.

From time to time we present challenges where you must find an animal within a certain period of time. However, today we decided to be nice to you. You must also find the hidden animal today, but the challenge is pretty easy today. Enthusiastic? Hey, what animal have we chosen today for our “Find the hidden animal” challenge? You must have already figured it out through the title. The hidden animal is the crow. Because? Well, crows are one of the least talked about animals and that’s why we thought of giving it some importance through the content you are reading right now. You must look for the crow hidden in this image in no more than 10 seconds. Now that you know the animal, you’re ready to follow the rules.

Challenge Rules The challenge rules are quite simple and straightforward. All you have to do is find the crow hidden in the image in no more than 10 seconds. Hey, who’s going to keep track of the time? Well, we asked the crow but he refused. It’s a joke. In this case, you will have to help yourself. Simply set a timer for 10 seconds on your phone. Start searching for the hidden crow the moment you start the challenge. Stop looking for the hidden animal the moment the timer goes off. Remember, the real fun of the challenge lies in playing it with the utmost honesty.

Now that you know the rules, you’re ready for the challenge.

Come on guys, here comes a super interesting challenge for you.

Can you find the crow hidden in the picture?


Image source: Best Quiz (YouTube)

Was it difficult for you to find the hidden crow? Well, for most of our readers, it wasn’t difficult to find the hidden crow in the image above. Let’s look at the corners of the image. Did you find the crow?

Well, there aren’t any crows on the corners. Let’s check at the bottom of the image. Can you find the crow hidden there?

Shall we check it at the top? Let’s do it.

Is the crow hiding there? Well, the crow isn’t hiding there.

Shall we check it in the center of the image? Wait a minute.

The crow has hidden here.

The Raven


Image source: Best Quiz (YouTube)

Phew! Even if the crow was hiding in the most obvious place, finding it was still difficult. Isn’t the same true with happiness? We often look for happiness in the wrong places, when we often find it right in front of us. We try to look for happiness from external sources, but often it is within us. Are you looking for a true friendship? Become your true friend. Are you looking for a fairy tale romance and looking for the ideal partner? Well, first become your true lover. Once you start accepting and loving yourself completely, you will attract not one but a ton of prospects like a magnet. Are you eager to find your lost pair of socks? Well, for that you need to check your closets properly.

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