Minecraft Dungeons tips: Our guide to the loot-filled action adventure

Minecraft Dungeons is an adventure role-playing game released in May 2020 on Switch, PS4, PC, and Xbox One, and available through Xbox Game Pass.

Like dungeon crawlers like Diablo and Torchlight, Minecraft Dungeons lets you delve into procedurally generated levels alone or with other friends, defeating iconic Minecraft enemies and expanding your hero’s abilities by soaking up all the loot you can find. .

And like those adventures, the increased difficulties and secrets give you an incentive to keep coming back. But before you finish your first match, we have a ton of Minecraft Dungeon tips that will guide you through the basics and things you can easily overlook.

Minecraft Dungeons Tips for Exploring and Using the Map

  • Be sure to explore the entire level as you progress, allowing you to find chests with better loot and occasionally secret levels. Generally, the further away you are from the main objective, the more likely you are to find something valuable. A good rule of thumb when exploring is to go in the opposite direction the marker tells you!

  • If you’re not sure you can explore an area, check the map; if it’s within the limit, you can get there somehow. Look for nearby bridges, alternative routes or even try to climb it by walking against it; sometimes your character will climb the wall.
  • Holding down the map button longer gives you a more complete overview of the setting, including how many secrets and chests there are to find.

  • Rolling is not only useful for avoiding enemies, but it is also useful when exploring, allowing you to roll over tight spaces to reach distant ledges and chests.
  • Although you can’t walk along most edges to your doom, you can walk off them, returning you to the stage and taking a portion of your health with you.

Minecraft Dungeons Tips for Combat and Loot

  • For starters, don’t be afraid to increase the difficulty, especially since Minecraft Dungeons is easy to get started with. You can adjust a slider before starting each level, and we recommend reaching at least 1.4x difficulty for the initial stages, which should give you a decent challenge.

  • That said, don’t be afraid to lower the difficulty either: the later levels are much longer and more difficult than the rest, and if it helps you advance, especially to unlock secret levels and reach higher difficulty levels, then so be it, above all. all because you only have a finite number of lives to reach the end of a stage.
  • Aside from the arrows, everything works on a cooldown, so use that to your advantage. If you are about to enter a heavy enemy room, wait until your health potion and artifacts are replenished. Or if things get tough, pull back, take a moment or two to recharge, and then give it everything you’ve got, before pulling back if necessary to repeat the process.
  • In times where you can’t retreat, such as bosses, as long as you keep moving you should generally avoid any attacks that come your way. This is useful if you are low on health and need to wait until your health potion regenerates, and in some cases, such as with The Nameless One, it is an essential tactic to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.
  • While none of the end-of-level bosses can be skipped, most mini-bosses like Enderman, which also places a health bar at the top of the screen, are optional, so feel free to avoid them if you prefer.

  • Similarly, outside of level-specific objectives, there’s nothing stopping you from speeding past enemies, which is useful if you want to quickly get back to where you were after losing all your lives, or if you feel like attacking the boss when you get back. to play on a higher difficulty. That said, it’s easy to get surrounded by mobs, so choose your route carefully!
  • Always take the time to establish enchantment points on your equipment. You get one for every level gained, and while you have a finite number, you can claim them as long as you get your old gear back.

  • We also recommend that you stop and check your inventory regularly, even while exploring a dungeon. It’s easy to overlook some useful loot by accident; Although something may seem normal, enchanting can give you a boost in specific situations, such as weapons that deal additional damage to undead or enchanted enemies.

And Minecraft Dungeons tips on things you could easily miss

  • Each completed level adds a chest with 50 emeralds somewhere in the Camp, so take a look around before continuing your adventure.

  • An interesting and easy-to-overlook feature within the Camp is your house, which appears at the top right of the Camp, which updates as you play the adventure, populating it with trophies and other trinkets from levels you’ve previously completed.

  • Non-aggressive animals such as chickens, cows, and sheep can be killed for health items and sometimes emeralds.
  • Even when playing in offline mode, pausing will continue running the game in the background, so if you need to put down the controller, retreat to an earlier area without enemies spawning. We learned this the hard way…
  • Minecraft Dungeons will add cross-platform multiplayer at some point after launch as part of a free update, allowing you to team up with friends even if they’re playing on a PS4, Switch, PC, or Xbox One.

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