Minecraft Dungeons Enderman strategy

Enderman in Minecraft Dungeons is one of the many minibosses you will encounter throughout the adventure.

Based on one of the most infamous monsters often seen in the Nether and The End dimensions of Minecraft, in Minecraft Dungeons, the Endermen appear surprisingly early, making their debut in Soggy Swamp.

This page explains how to defeat an Enderman in Minecraft Dungeons, including how it behaves and useful equipment to help you survive the fight.

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How to defeat Enderman in Minecraft Dungeons

Enderman will debut with a static screen effect to make his appearance more disturbing than other mobs you will encounter.

Enderman has two main characteristics to take into account: fast movement and teleportation, two things that you will have to adapt to in order to defeat him. When Enderman appears, he will chase you and attack, and when you counterattack, most of the time he will disappear, making it a frustrating fight.

Facing an Enderman can be overwhelming, especially since it can reduce your health very quickly if it hits you, but the key thing to remember is that as long as you keep moving, you’ll be safe; Even though it moves at high speed, but the moment it stops to attack, you’ll be safely out of the way. No need to roll at any time!

To attack an Enderman, you must perform a melee attack while it is chasing you (before it stops to attack) or use ranged attacks, such as arrows.

While virtually any weapon in your arsenal can take out an Enderman with some patience and timing, some work better than others. Gloves are particularly useful, as they allow you to make melee attacks at greater ranges with a lower risk of being hit.

If you have a friendly mob, such as the Tasty Bone Artefact that spawns wolves or the Spelunking armor set that spawns bats, this can make the battle easier, as Enderman will often target them instead of a player, giving you more freedom to attack.

No matter your loadout, it’s important to take out other enemies when facing an Enderman, as you’ll want to focus on fighting it instead of having to deal with arrows or other attacks.

Finally, if Enderman doesn’t respawn after teleporting, continue moving through the dungeon and he will respawn shortly after.

Ultimately, if you’re fighting an Enderman, like most other minibosses, it’s a technically optional fight, so you can always pass until the health bar at the top of the screen disappears, indicating the end of the meeting.

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