Mass Effect Andromeda – Memory Trigger locations for the Ryder Family Secrets quest

Mass Effect Andromeda Memory Triggers are Ryder Seniors’ memory fragments that you can collect as part of the Ryder Family Secrets side quest.

You continue this quest in your log shortly after becoming a Pathfinder, where you will receive your first memory trigger.

The rest of them are found on the surfaces of the main planets, so they will only be available once Eos has been colonized.

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Ryder Family Secrets

Once you’ve started the mission as mentioned above, each main planet has three to collect, and each time you collect a set of three, you’ll be able to return to the Hyperion and visit SAM to see a fragment of Ryder Sr.’s memories.

They are marked on your map and can be highlighted on your compass by selecting the Ryder Family Secrets mission in the Allies and Relationships section of your journal.

Most are visible on the map and are simply out in the open waiting to be picked up, but some are a little harder to find, so we’ve included specific instructions for the ones below.

Memory Activation Locations

Eos memory activators

All the triggers here are visible on the map and outdoors, making them easy to collect.

Elaaden Memory Activators

The northernmost trigger is located at the top of a large rock arch, and is difficult to reach: a nomad with speed and power upgrades can almost be persuaded to do so, but it is also possible to collect it on foot.

Head to the south side of the rock outcrop and look for the patch of pebbles shown below, and jump across the narrow gap in the rock.

It’s possible to climb straight up from here if you’re lucky with your landings, but an easier route is to jump onto the flat rock to the west and climb the natural steps.

The westernmost trigger is located in a cave beneath the tall stone column. The entrance to the cave is just south of the map marker, and the trigger is in a cavern with a Demon, so enter with caution!

Vocal memory activators

All the triggers here are visible on the map and outdoors, making them easy to collect.

Kadara Memory Triggers

The trigger in the southwest requires approaching from the base of the nearby Remnant tower. Use the Nomad to climb the grass slope just south of the tower, then exit and jump over the rock to reach the trigger.

Havarl Memory Activators

The southernmost trigger is outdoors, but the remaining two require the Havarl: A Dying World quest to access; They can be picked up during the mission or returned for later.

The northernmost requires entering the Buried Cave at the northwest end of the Builders’ Abyss and using the gravity well to descend to the lower level, and the easternmost is located on the upper floor of Mithrava, opposite the Outpost Station. .

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Summarizing the secrets of the Ryder family

Once all 15 have been collected and the memories viewed, visit Ryder Sr’s quarters in the room next to the SAM node, read all the logs in the archive station, and then head to the Nexus to speak with Director Tann .

Then go to the security station and read the logs. Head to Garson’s apartment and scan the bed, then head back to the door and scan the wall to find a secret room.

Read the datapad inside, then go to the Cultural Exchange and talk to Garson VI. Return to the Hyperion once again and access the SAM node to unlock the final memory.

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