How to unlock all weapons and Platforms in Modern Warfare 2

Unlocking weapons in Modern Warfare 2 is different from previous Call of Duty titles.

In addition to increasing a player’s level in multiplayer, many weapons are unlocked as part of skill tree-like ‘Platforms’.

However, there is a bit of complexity to these new systems in Modern Warfare 2, and that’s what this guide will delve into, explaining how to level up and unlock all the weapons and their associated platforms.

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How to unlock weapons in Modern Warfare 2

First, we need to make a distinction between player level and weapon level, as well as explain platforms and receivers.

Each player has a player level and each weapon has a weapon level.

Your player level increases as you earn XP by playing and completing multiplayer matches and challenges, unlocking new weapons, kill streaks, equipment, and more.

The player’s level progression track.

Meanwhile, weapon levels are tied to individual weapons. Using a weapon in multiplayer matches will level it up and unlock additional weapons and attachments at various intervals.

The M4 at weapon level 20.

While several weapons are unlocked by increasing player level, many others are unlocked by leveling weapons as part of the new ‘Platform and Receivers’ system.

If you want some tips on how to unlock things efficiently, our page on how to level up quickly in Modern Warfare 2 can help you.

Platforms and how progression works in Modern Warfare 2 explained

The platforms and receivers are part of a new weapon and attachment unlock system designed to reduce the need for attachments per weapon.

Platforms are a family of weapons that share similar visual traits and accessory availability: these and their starting weapons are available at different player level thresholds.

Receivers are weapons within a platform; They are unlocked by leveling up other weapons within the same platform.

Additionally, all weapons in a Deck have their own set of accessory unlocks that are earned by increasing the level of the weapon when using it in matches.

Since this new terminology is a bit confusing, using the M4 Platform (the first one you’ll have access to) as an example, here’s a step-by-step process of how unlocking weapons within a Platform works:

  1. Reach player level 4 and unlock custom loadouts.
  2. From the custom loadout weapon selection screen, view the M4 platform
  3. The M4 platform contains four unlockable weapons: FTAC Recon, 556 Icarus, M16 and FSS Hurricane.
  4. To unlock each of these, you must use and level up different weapons within the M4 Platform.
  5. By leveling the M4 to levels 13 and 18, you will unlock FTAC Recon and 556 Icarus respectively.
  6. Once unlocked, leveling up the 556 Icarus to level 13 and the FTAC Recon to level 16 will subsequently unlock the M16 and FSS Hurricane respectively.

This entire unlocking process is visualized in-game through skill tree-type tables, shown in the image below.

The M4 Platform and all its Receivers (weapons).

You can also expand the progression tracks for each weapon by selecting each one to see all of its attachments and receiver unlocks as shown below.

The M4 progression track and its FTAC Reconnaissance Battle Rifle Tier 13 reward.

Please note that the exact unlock requirements and weapons will differ slightly for other platforms, but the general concept is the same.

As a side note, if you own the Vault Edition of Modern Warfare 2, you will have access to the FJX Cinder Weapon Vault, which instantly unlocks the M4 platform and all of its weapons and accessories.

The M4 (left) and 556 Icarus (right) from the FJX Cinder package.

Weapon Vaults not only instantly unlock all the rewards of a full weapon deck, but also provide a unique and universal visual and aesthetic design that can be selected for all weapons and their attachments.

As of launch, FJX Cinder is the only weapon vault available, but more may be added with each season.

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All Modern Warfare 2 weapons, platform unlocked by player level

Of the 51 weapons available in Modern Warfare 2 at launch, 28 are obtained by increasing player level and the rest are acquired through platforms by increasing weapon levels.

Requirement Weapon and platform unlocks
Player level 4 M4 assault rifleM4 platform
Player level 4 MP7 (VEL 46) SMGLMP Platform
Player level 4 Bryson 800 Shotgun Bryson 800 Series Platform
Player level 4 Sakin MG LMGSakin MG Platform
Player level 4 EBR-14 Marksman Rifle and Artillery Weapons Platform
Player level 4 MCPR-300 sniper rifleMRBA platform
Player level 4 P890 Pistol Bruen 890 Platform
Player level 4 PILA LauncherNo platform
Player level 5 PDSW 528 SMGTique tactical defense platform
Player level 7 SP-R 208 Marksman Rifle Bryson Long Rifle Platform
Player level 9 Expedite 12 ShotgunAccelerate Platform
Player level 13 .50 GS Pistol Sakin G Series Platform
Player level 14 STRELA-PS launcherwithout platform
Player level 16 Lachmann-762 Battle Rifle Lachmann and Meer Platform
Player level 17 Combat Knife Secondary Melee No Platform
Player level 19 TAQ-56Tactique Verte Platform assault rifle
Player level 23 Kastov 762 assault rifleKastovia platform
Player level 24 JOKR LauncherNo platform
Player level 25 RAAL MG LMGRAAL platform
Player level 28 Lockwood MK2 Marksman RifleMark 2 Platform
Player level 31 X12 PistolXRK Platform
Player level 32 RPG-7 launcherNo platform
Player level 36 Lockwood 300 ShotgunLockwood Sport Rig
Player level 37 Riot Shield Primary MeleeNon-Platform
Player level 38 Fennec 45 SMGFennec Platform
Player level 39 Basilisk PistolBasilisk 500 Platform
Player level 41 STB 556 Assault Rifle Bruen Bullpup Platform
Player level 44 Signal 50 Sniper RifleSignal Platform

Note: For weapon unlocks listed with a level 4 requirement, they are first available to use and equip when unlocking custom loadouts.

The Lachmann and Meer platform.

All Modern Warfare 2 weapons are unlocked by weapon level

As mentioned, many other weapons are unlocked by leveling up weapons within Platforms.

Below is a list of all weapons that are unlocked by leveling up weapons within the Platforms mentioned above:

Weapon Weapon level requirement
FTAC Reconnaissance Battle Rifle M4 at level 13
556 Icarus LMG M4 at level 18
M16 assault rifle 556 Icarus at level 13
FSS Hurricane SMG FTAC Recon at level 16
Bryson 890 Shotgun Bryson 800 at level 16
T0-14 Battle Rifle EBR-14 at level 12
SA-B 50 marksman rifle SP-R 208 at level 13
LA-B 330 sniper rifle SA-B 50 at level 16
SP-X 80 sniper rifle LA-B 330 at Level 17
Lachmann-556 assault rifle Lachmann-762 at level 13
LM-S marksman rifle Lachmann-762 at level 16
Lachmann submachine gun Lachmann-556 at level 12
RAPP H light machine gun Lachmann-556 at level 16
TAQ-V Battle Rifle TAQ-56 at level 11
TAQ-M marksman rifle TAQ-56 at level 20
Kastov-545 assault rifle Kastov-762 at level 10
RPK light machine gun Kastov-762 at level 16
Kastov-74U assault rifle Kastov-545 at level 13
Vaznev-9K submachine gun Kastov-74U at level 15
Minibak SMG Vaznev-9K at level 14
X13 Automatic Pistol x12 at level 10
MX9 submachine gun STB 556 at level 13
HCR 56 LMG STB-556 at level 20

Note: Some platforms do not currently have any weapon unlocks and as such are comprised of a single weapon.

These can still be leveled up with their own accessories to unlock, but they do not unlock additional weapons. They are the following:

  • LMP – MP7 platform (VEL 46) SMG
  • Sakin MG Platform – Sakin MG38 LMG
  • MRBA Platform – MCPR-300 Sniper Rifle
  • Bruen 890 Platform – P890 Gun
  • Tactical Defense Platform – PDSW 528 SMG
  • Expedite Platform – Expedite 12 Shotgun
  • Sakin G Series Platform – .50 GS Pistol
  • RAAL Platform – RAAL MG LMG
  • Mark 2 Platform – Lockwood MK2 Marksman Rifle
  • Lockwood Sporting Platform – Lockwood 300 Shotgun
  • Fennec Platform – Fennec 45 SMG
  • Basilisk 500 Platform – Basilisk Pistol
  • Signal Platform – Signal 50 Sniper Rifle

The LMP platform with its only weapon: the MP7 (VEL 46).

If you’re looking for specific tips on what to unlock first, be sure to check out our best Modern Warfare 2 weapons.

Elsewhere, if you want to unlock things efficiently, our page on how to level up quickly in Modern Warfare 2 can help you.

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