LEGO Star Wars Force Awakens – How to farm studs

At a certain point in LEGO Star Wars Force Awakens, when you’re unlocking Red Brick cheats or additional characters, you’ll need studs, and a lot of them. Fortunately, instead of going through level replays or smashing open objects in the center, there’s an easy way to farm hundreds of thousands of studs in quick succession, allowing you to get what you need in no time.

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How to farm studs in LEGO Star Wars Force Awakens

When you unlock the Millennium Falcon mini-hub, you’ll also gain access to a very short mission called Dejarik Battle. You can access this from the galaxy map, or if you prefer, from the center itself, where R2D2 and C-3PO are right next to where you appear when you first enter the area.

Go here, or to the galaxy map, to start the Dejarik Battle mission.

The mission has you participate in an arena battle against waves of enemies. With four burly characters to play with, all you have to do is launch melee attacks until all the enemies are dead and then clear out the studs that appear at the end. By default, you’ll collect tens of thousands of studs per round, but to increase your earnings, be sure to build up a multiplier by chaining hits from one enemy to the next. Then, with a x4 multiplier, collect as many studs as you can quickly (use a faster character, like Kintan Strider for this) to win much more.

You’ll also encounter stronger enemies at the end of the wave that absorb more damage, but keep using regular attacks (don’t bother pressing Circle or B) to keep that combo going.

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As long as you keep your multiplier active at the end of each round, you should end up earning between 500 and 600 thousand studs in less than five minutes. And that’s with Red Brick without active beam multiplier; In theory, if you could get many millions per attempt, which would allow you to unlock everything you need in a very short time.

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