How to put up Where’s Miles posters in Fortnite

‘Put up Where’s Miles?’ is a seasonal quest that is currently available in Fortnite.

You see, Fortnite is about to have its own multiversal crossover event with Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, and things are gearing up with some Miles Morales-related fun.

Here’s how to place Where’s Miles signs in Fortnite, including a look at specific locations where they can be placed.

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How to place Where is Miles posters? in Fortnite

To place Where’s Miles signs in Fortnite, you’ll need to visit three of the seven locations listed below and interact with the blank sign icons you’ll find there. There are two in Mega City, two in Shattered Slabs, two in Slappy Shores, and one in a building northwest of Brutal Bastion. You can see them all marked on the map below:

Fortnite Poster Locations Where is Miles?

There are seven locations where you can place Where’s Miles posters? in Fortnite. You can find information about each below. Please note that we will go clockwise using the main map mentioned above, starting at the top (snow biome):

Northwest of Brutal Bastion (Lone Shrine)

This Where’s Miles can be found at the south entrance of this building. If you feel like it, you can also climb the hill overlooking the area to hire an NPC who will periodically search for enemies.

slappy shores 1

You can put up a Where’s Miles? sign. under one of the large factory buildings in Slappy Shores. There are now grinding rails in this area, which can help you quickly travel from building to building.

slappy shores 2

Now head to the center of Slappy Shores. You can place another sign next to the bridge. There is often a Slurp truck parked here, which can be used to gain a lot of health.

Megacity 1

The location of this sign can be found in the lower levels of Mega City. Simply head to the location shown in the image above.

Megacity 2

Now, head west to find another location for the Wheres Miles sign. Be careful here, as the Highcard Boss will appear near each match. This tends to attract players.

Shattered slabs 1

Now, shattered slabs. There is a place at the southern end of the area. This is also a potential area for the Highcard boss to spawn.

Shattered slabs 2

Finally, there is another Where’s Miles? near where the vault is in Shattered Slabs. Use the nearby zipline to make a quick getaway once you place the sign.

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Rewards for placing Where’s Miles posters? in Fortnite

By placing three Where’s Miles signs in Fortnite, you’ll complete a seasonal quest, which will grant you 12,000 XP, as well as progress towards your general seasonal quest rewards. These grant even more XP after you have completed a set of missions. A great way to increase your Battle Pass levels, without a doubt.

Have fun placing Where’s Miles signs in Fortnite!

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