How to get Golden Plumes in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Golden feathers in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth are a new currency used to equip your Chocobo friends with different cosmetic styles.

Below, we explain how to get golden feathers and how to change Chocobo equipment in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth so you can start designing your feathered friends right away, along with a quick explanation of where to use golden feathers.

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Where to use golden feathers in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Golden Feathers are used at the merchants found in Chocobo Ranches in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth to purchase cosmetic equipment for your Chocoboc mounts. There is at least one set of three pieces of equipment on every ranch in the game, and it usually costs more Golden Feathers to unlock a set the further you progress in the game. For example, the Grasslands Shrina set costs six gold feathers, while the Junon Scorpion set costs nine gold feathers.

Browsing the Golden Plumes store and the Shinra team at Bill's Chocobo Ranch in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Square Enix.

If you find a Chocobo Ranch but still can’t access the store, try completing the side quest linked to the ranch. We recommend doing this anyway, as you generally can’t customize your Chocobo with the equipment you purchase until you complete the ranch side quest. This is actually the main quest ‘Tracing the Tracks’ in Grasslands and the side quest ‘Stuck in a Rut’ in Junon. In addition to grasslands, these ranch missions will usually have a green marker on the map to help identify them.

However, please note that some Chocobo equipment merchants may only be unlocked after completing specific parts of the story, such as in the Corel region.

How to get golden feathers in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

You get golden feathers in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth by:

  • Fighting new Chocobos.
  • Unlocking Chocobo stops.

If you fight the Chocobo of an open area and find all of their Chocobo stops, you should have enough Golden Feathers to purchase that region’s main Chocobo equipment from the ranch merchant.

Here are more details about each method:

Fighting new Chocobos

Each open area with a Chocobo Ranch usually has a new Chocobo for you to catch. After sneaking up on and controlling the Chocobo, you’ll have access to that region’s specific type of Chocobo (which usually has a different ability, like cliff climbing or flying), and you’ll also receive two Golden Feathers. However, you can only do this once.

For help with Belle, check out our page on how to get Junon Chocobo.

Final Fantasy 7 rebirth cloud over Bella, the brown Junon chocobo
Image credit: Eurogamer/Square Enix.

Unlock Chocobo Stops

Each open area, like Grasslands or Junon, has many Chocobo stops to unlock, and repairing each one rewards you with a golden feather. Chocobo Stops are the blue bus stops on the side of the roads, and to use them (and get your Golden Feather), you must follow a baby Chocobo to her location and then pick up the fallen sign. If you find the stop before finding the Chocobo Chick, it will automatically appear at the stop.

For help locating them, check out our Grasslands and Junon Chocobo Stop locations.

Cloud at a chocobo bus stop petting a baby yellow chocobo
Image credit: Square Enix/Eurogamer

After repairing Chocobo stops, you can use a cushion to rest on them to restore your party’s HP and MP, and you can select them from the map as fast travel points. You can also pet the baby Chocobo, so obviously that should be your priority once you’ve found a Chocobo stop.

How to change Chocobo equipment in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

You must go to Chocoboutique in Chocobo Ranches to change your Chocobo equipment in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. These are the red Chocobo signs that are usually found on the main barn or at the entrance to the ranches.

Cloud looking at the Chocobotique sign at Bill's Chocobo Ranch in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Square Enix.

If you have purchased different styles of equipment with your Golden Plumes, you can equip them here in Chocoboutique, as well as change the color of your equipment by pressing Triangle.

Editing the chocobo team colors in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Square Enix.

However, remember that you generally need to complete each ranch’s side quest to unlock access to its Chocoboutique. These are the quests with a green marker that are usually found on or near Chocobo Ranch. Occasionally, you will also have to complete specific story sections to access the Chocoboutique on a ranch.

I hope you enjoy customizing your Chocobos!

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