How to Fast Travel in Tchia

Fast traveling in Tchia is a great way to get where you want to be without needing to spend a lot of time navigating to get there. Whether you need to grab a specific material or visit someone at a location, it is often desirable to get there quickly.

Of course, exploring the world around you and finding all its hidden secrets is one of Tchia’s greatest charms, but sometimes you just want to get somewhere as quickly as you can.

If, like us, you want to get somewhere quickly, we’re here to show you how to travel fast in Tchia.

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How to fast travel in Tchia

To fast travel in Tchia, you need to unlock fast travel points. The points are actually the docks where you can spawn your ship and there are a total of 10 fast travel points on the map.

To unlock a fast travel point, you need to head to the Dock and “discover” it. Once you reach the Dock location, you should receive a notification at the top of the screen stating that you have “discovered” the location. It will then be registered and unlocked on your map.

Once you’ve found a fast travel point, head to the map board at the beginning of the wooden part of the dock on the shore. You can also talk to the person in the cabin next to the dock to discuss the same options.

tchia meelo dock fast travel board

Interact with the map and then select the “fast travel” option when it appears on your screen. Then you must choose where you want to go.

tchia gwa pier fast travel map

Again, you can only travel to a dock you have discovered. These will be white and the blocked ones will be gray. Then all you need to do is select the location you want to go to and confirm your choice. Then you will be taken away quickly.

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