Alolan Geodude 100% perfect IV stats, shiny Alolan Geodude in Pokémon Go

This week’s Featured Hour is all about the Rock Pokémon, which means it’s the perfect opportunity to catch an Alolan Geodude in Pokémon Go.

Alolan Geodude is a relatively boring Pokémon in the world of Pokémon Go. It’s not exactly a rare spawn, it’s practically useless in raids for all but the newest players, and it’s underpowered in PvP. Still, if you are new to the game or simply missing a perfect Alolan Golem, this is your chance to try to find one.

Speaking of routine, this week’s Spotlight also comes with a double catch XP bonus that runs alongside the event, so be sure to catch as many Pokémon as you can!

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Alolan Geodude IV Stats 100% Perfect in Pokémon Go

This week’s Featured Hour is a great opportunity to catch an Alolan Geodude with perfect IV stats.

Alolan Geodude.

“Perfect” means two things in Pokémon Go, depending on how you plan to use a given Pokémon. First, there’s the max version, 100% IV, which is the 15/15/15 you’re looking for for your Pokédex 4*, raids, and Master League. However, because of how CP is calculated using three stats, a perfect Pokemon IV is usually just the best version of itself in Master League.

Of course, you can’t see a Pokémon’s IV without catching it first, but with a little prior research, you can quickly spot a perfect Alolan Geodude based on CP alone.

If you’re at level 30 (or higher), you’ll ideally be looking for the following CPs for a perfect Alolan Geodude 15/15/15:

  • Level 30 (Max Wild CP) – 1108 CP
  • Level 35 (maximum wild CP boosted by weather) – 1201 CP
  • The wild CP value aligns with your trainer level until you reach level 30, and since the majority of the player base is now above this level, we’ve kept these values ​​for the sake of simplicity. However, these values ​​will be different if you are currently below level 30.

    The Season of Adventure Abundance is here! He has brought the Timed Investigation: Master Ball quest, which offers you the chance to win another Master Ball. There’s also a new season of Go Battle League to participate in. Be sure to compete in Shadow Raids, complete Routes, use Daily Adventure Incense for a chance to encounter Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos, and Galarian Moltres. This incense can also give you encounters with other rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

    Is Alolan Golem good at PvP?

    Alolan Golem is a middle of the road in Great League and was quickly overtaken in Ultra and Master League, making it a poor pick overall in Go Battle League.

    Alolan golem.

    As always, we love spam Pokémon in Go Battle League, and Alolan Golem is certainly that. He is also the only Rock/Electric type in the game at the moment (with the obvious exception of Alolan Graveler and Alolan Geodude). Unfortunately, it performs three different movesets (charged moves vary by league), in an unfortunate display of how awkward this Pokémon is to use. It’s clumsy, with long animation times, volatile with its double weakness to Ground-type attacks, and technically difficult to use thanks to its massive two-stage self-debuff.

    Starting with Great League, Alolan Golem runs Volt Switch, Wild Charge, and Rock Blast. Volt Switch is a decent multipurpose move, Rock Blast is spam, and Wild Charge is there for coverage; The problem is that Wild Charge is the only electric-type charged move on offer and comes with a huge guaranteed two-stage self-defense debuff. In a meta where Ground-types are quite dominant, this is a major red flag.

    So how are you doing? As expected, you lose almost instantly to Galarian Stunfisk and Trevenant, while you slowly lose to Registeel, Medicham, and Lanturn, all of which are meta-relevant Pokémon. However, you did defeat Walrein, Azumarill, Sableye, Noctowl, and Alolan Ninetails.

    In Ultra League, this self-debuff is a big liability, and we recommend swapping Wild Charge for Stone Edge. This nuke will help you cross the line more often. In terms of matchups, this means wins against Pidgeot, Charizard, Talonflame, Walrein, and Tapu Fini, which is pretty reasonable. You lose to Cresellia, Giratina, Obstagoon, Trevenant and Jellicent.

    Master League uses the other combination of charged moves: Wild Charge and Stone Edge. This makes it less spammy overall, but it’s not a huge penalty overall, helping you defeat Ho-Oh, Yveltal, Togekiss, Lugia, and Kyogre. The casualties, meanwhile, come from Dialga, Zacian, Metagross, Gyarados and Mewtwo. Gyarados is weak to Rock and double weak to Electric, highlighting why you shouldn’t consider this Pokémon in this League.

    Is there a shiny Alolan Geodude in Pokémon Go?

    Yeah! Shiny Alolan Geodude was released in June 2019 as part of the game’s third anniversary, along with many other Alolan forms!

    Everything in the Alolan Geodude evolution line changes the Ground type to the Electric type, in what can only be a physics joke from the Pokémon company. (Image via

    What does the shiny Alolan Geodude look like?

    As you can see below, the shiny Alolan Geodude is pretty decent. The brilliance is supported by the fact that it dropped Earth for electric writing, with a copper color instead of the boring slate gray! This is preserved as it evolves into the bright Alolan Graveler, which is an even darker shade of coppery brown.

    Shiny Alolan Golem completes the theme by swapping its stone exterior for a warmer brown color. All in all, a very respectable set of shinies!

    Shiny Alolan 3rd Anniversary Debut, comparison of shiny models: Rattata, Raticate, Sandshrew, Sandslash, Vulpix, Ninetales, Diglett, Dugtrio, Meowth, Persian, Geodude, Graveler, Golem, Grimer, Muk, and Exeggutor (models via Chrales ) by u/ EgaTehPro at TheSilphRoad To view this content, enable targeting cookies. Manage cookie settings

    Thanks to Reddit user EgaTehPro for the handy comparison of shinies released in June 2019!

    Other tips for this hour of attention

    Besides trying to catch a shiny Alolan Geodude in Pokémon Go, there are a couple of other good reasons to participate in this week’s Spotlight:

    • The best reason is of course the double catch XP bonus that runs for the whole hour. This goes for all caught Pokemon, so try your best to get good at excellent Curve Ball casts on an Alolan Geodude to quickly rack up XP.
    • If you’re a newcomer, this Featured Hour is the perfect time to collect enough Alolan Geodude candies to fully evolve this Pokémon and enter all of its evolutions into the Pokédex.
    • Thanks to Alolan Geodude being a Rock/Electric type, catching a bunch during this Featured Hour will add progress to your respective catch bonus medals.

    Spotlight Hour events only last one hour: from 6 pm to 7 pm (local time). Check back next week for an introduction to Ponyta and gallop onto the scene with a double candy catch bonus!

    Good luck finding a perfect Alolan Geodude!

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