Halo Infinite Spartan Core locations and best upgrades to unlock first explained

There is a total of 45 cores across the game, and the more you collect, the better you can upgrade Master Chief’s shield, grapplehook and more.

This page features a list of Halo Infinite Spartan Core locations, going through each area of the map as they are unlocked in the campaign, as well as our recommendations for the best abilities to unlock first.

If you want to make the hunt for collectibles easier, then be sure to collect enough Valor to unlock the Wasp, so you can then fly around the map.

How to use Spartan Cores in Halo Infinite

Once you collect a Spartan Core, you’ll gain one point that can be spent upgrading your equipment and unlocking new abilities. To spend your accumulated cores, go to the Upgrades menu, right next to the map.

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Here you will see different branches for the equipment you have. Select what upgrade you want and spend the indicated Spartan Cores units to obtain it. The effects you gain will be always on and you can’t recover the cores you already spent.

Halo Infinite upgrades: Which are the best upgrades to unlock first in Halo Infinite?

As you progress through the campaign and find Spartan Cores, you’ll be able to upgrade different pieces of equipment for Master Chief.

There is a total of five gadgets that you can level up; the grappleshot, your shield core, the threat sensor, the drop wall, and the thruster. All of these won’t be available from the beginning since you need to find the equipment during the main story missions.

While it will depend on how you play, it’s highly recommended that you focus on the grappleshot upgrades first. The reason is simple: it’s arguably the most useful gadget in the game as you will use it not only for combat and picking up objects from far away, but also for traveling around the island.

Once you get the low cooldown upgrades, you’ll be able to use it every few seconds, like a bizarre and militarized version of Spider-Man.

The next branch you should focus on is the shield core. This will simply give you an extra boost of your regular shield, but it will be extremely useful for all the combats you will face, especially if you’re playing in harder difficulties.

Of the remaining pieces of equipment, the drop wall might be the more interesting. While upgrading it, you’ll make it last longer, be more powerful, and also bigger. It’s great for battles against multiple enemies in both close or open areas, and it can be used to protect your allies, too.

The rest of the gadgets are the weakest in Halo Infinite’s campaign. The threat sensor can be useful against invisible enemies or while fighting inside rooms, but using the rest of the equipment can be way much useful. On the other hand, the thruster is incredibly useful against one versus one combats, but you’ll have very few of these while playing the campaign.

It’s worth mentioning that there are more Spartan Cores sprawled around Zeta Halo than the ones you need to fully upgrade. If you follow this guide, you’ll end up with six extra cores – meaning there’s no need to pick and choose which ability upgrades to leave behind if you plan to find every core location.

Halo Infinite – ‘Recovery’ Spartan Core Locations

The following Spartan Core locations are for the starting ‘Recovery’ area. Though we have numbered these, you can collect them in any order you choose.

Spartan Core 1 location

The first Spartan Core is almost unmissable since it will be right in front of you. After fighting Tremonious, the game’s first boss, you’ll use a lift to continue your way. Once you reached the top floor, simply go forward a few steps and you will find the green glowing crate.

This is right before you reach outside the island for the first time in Outpost Tremonious.

Spartan Core 2 location

After cleaning the first enemy settlement, you’ll have a brief cutscene with soldier Echo 216 and your AI. Before getting inside the ship and continuing on your mission, go to the left and jump to the land below. You’ll be around an entrance to an enemy’s building. On the right side, you’ll see the crate, next to an M41 SPNKR and other weapons.

Spartan Core 3 location

Go back to the first construction in which you came out to the outside – the one where you found the first Spartan Core.

You need to go around it, to the left. There will be a passage that you can use to move forward. At the end of the path, you’ll find the next crate right next to a crashed ship, some trees, and a box with an assault rifle.

Spartan Core 4 location

After capturing the FOB Golf, go south, near the mountains and pillars on the west side of the island. This will be a cliff crawled with enemies, boxes, and weapons. Defeat everyone and go right where the land ends. You’ll see the crate around some pieces of gear.

Spartan Core 5 location

From the previous collectible, go to the west and you’ll find the Ramson Keep, an enemy base used for repairing vehicles. It’s marked on the map with a pink icon. While invading the location, you’ll have to destroy silos.

In one section, you have to break two that are near each other. From that point, go to the right and use a bridge that connects to another section. Here you’ll see the Spartan Core, right next to many other crates.

Spartan Core 6 location

After or before rescuing the Carrera Squad – located to the south of the Ramson Keep -, go to the east side from where the enemy camp starts. There is a place full of rocks and low pillars.

Climb them and go forward. You’ll find the Spartan Core near ammo and weapon crates, including an S7 Sniper.

Spartan Core 7 location

This Spartan Core is near the FOB Foxtrot, based on the western side of the area. From that location, go east. There’s a forest full of broken pods and fallen enemies. Apart from many weapons and grenades, you’ll find the collectible right at the center of this small battlefield.

Spartan Core 8 location

Return to FOB Foxtrot and this time go to the southwestern side of the island. Here you need to look for two crashed ships on the ground. However, these vehicles will be surrounded by the enemies, so first defeat all of them. After doing so, you’ll find the Spartan Core right next to one of the ships.

Spartan Core 9 location

While progressing through mission Recovery, you’ll have to infiltrate a big tower located on the northeastern side of this area. You can enter this building by going berserk or being stealthy.

In either way, there’s a moment in which you’ll watch an enemy’s hologram at the center of the tower’s lower floor. Go pass through that device and to the right. You’ll notice some warehouses packed with ammo and weapons. Enter the second one from the right and you’ll pick up your next upgrade point.

Spartan Core 10 location

During this mission, one of your main objectives will be to invade a tower, which is located on the northwestern side of the region. Enter inside the tower using a gravitational device and start exploring it.

You need to reach the third floor, killing every enemy in the way. Once you’re here, go to the right side of the room. Before using the next passage to the next floor, check your left. Here will be the core.

Spartan Core 11 location

This core is located east of Briglard, a target objective based on this region’s north. You have to reach the edge of the map, a zone full of pillars. The collectible will be around some crates containing ammo.

Halo Infinite – ‘Excavation Point’ Spartan Core Locations

The following Spartan Core locations are for the ‘Excavation Point’ area. Though we have numbered these, you can collect them in any order you choose. Plus, you can do so before doing the main objective, during the mission, or after you have completed it.

Spartan Core 12 location

Go to Redoubt of Sundering, a banished outpost located on the southern side of the new region (some meters to the right of the bridge connecting this and the previous region).

During your invasion, you’ll liberate two allies restrained around the base. They are near a building in which a higher-rank soldier is being captured. Go near some plasma and kinetic ammo devices. The crate will be on your right.

Spartan Core 13 location

For this one, you can first go where the Courier Squad is being captive and then move to the west. You’ll find grunts around a crashed ship.

Beat all of them and enter inside the ship. The box with the core will be right in front of you.

Spartan Core 14 location

If you go north of Ik ‘Novus, a high-value target, you will find a big Forerunner structure. Advance to the left side of it, where there are broken trees. You’ll notice the entrance to the structure.

Get inside and follow the straightforward path. Apart from the core, you’ll also find hardlight weapons, such as the Sentinel Beam and the Heatwave.

Spartan Core 15 location

It’s time to conquer the Forge of Teash, a Banished Outpost located at the center of the region.

Inside this outpost, you’ll have to sabotage repairing stations. One of them is based near two silos that you need to destroy. Enter it and use the stair between the two repair machines. The crate will be on your right.

Spartan Core 16 location

The Armory of Reckoning, located northwest of the main objective area, has ammo printers that you need to destroy. You’ll find the Spartan Core without looking too much because it’s inside the same room as one of your objectives.

When in front of a locked door, you need to turn right and destroy an energy device on the wall. After that, the door will be unlocked and you can go inside an underground section. The crate will be on the right corner of the room, near the printer.

Spartan Core 17 location

Another core inside a banished outpost – this time, the Horn of Abolition, which is located east side of FOB Bravo.
Once you have cleaned the area, you’ll notice a bunker with an almost closed door, near one of the outpost’s entrances. You can’t enter through it, but you can use your grappleshot to reach the building’s roof. Here, you’ll notice a space to get jump into.

Spartan Core 18 location

The next one is a bit tricky. If you go north from FOB Bravo, you’ll notice a big Forerunner tower. The objective mark will tell you that the core is near it, but it’s actually inside the facility.

Getting near the structure, you’ll reach a red door, which you can’t use it. Instead, you need to follow the path on the right, defeating enemies. There will be an entrance to the facility, crawled with more creatures to kill.

After going through a few rooms, you’ll reach the last one with the red door. Look to your right and you will find the crate, near fallen allies.

Spartan Core 19 location

This is another core that will require some extra steps. First of all, start from FOB Alpha, located on the west side of the region, and head southeast. You can jump to the roof of one of two buildings. The crate will be on the one in front of you, but its door will be locked.

You need to enter the bunker below you but beware of enemies and automatic turrets around. Once inside, you’ll discover a hole that leads to an underground passage. Use it and you’ll end up inside the other building.

The Spartan Core will be near the door device.

Spartan Core 20 location

From FOB Alpha, go west and start climbing the hills in your way. You’ll face three enemies when you’re near the collectible. Watch out for one of them, because they will be driving a Brute Chopper.

Once you’ve taken care of everyone, the crate will be near a Scrap Cannon.

Spartan Core 21 location

This one is south of Cobra Squad, based on the northeastern section of the region. You’ll notice a Forerunner structure with three parts. Go through it and eliminate the targets on the way.

Once you’re on the other side, you’ll notice a cave entrance below the structure. Go inside and follow the path. The crate will be nearby.

Spartan Core 22 location

The following two Spartan Cores are located in the Excavation Site location. There’s a banished bunker near one of the devices you have to destroy in order to complete your main objective.

Get inside the building and use your hook to reach the upper section.

Spartan Core 23 location

Exit the previous building and go west. The core is on a hill with trees around.

To get there, you can use your grappleshot on the pillars next to the “Conservatory” objective. Climb them and continue your way to the marker.

Spartan Core 24 location

Before or after the appearance of the Spire (a story-related structure), go to the southeastern area of this region.

If you’re collecting this after the structure, it will be easier to locate. The core is near its right side, around a destroyed ship and an S7 Sniper.

Spartan Core 25 location

This Spartan Core is located in a secret zone southeast of the Spire location. Don’t pay much attention to the objective’s marker because it’ll give an incorrect direction.

Go to the southeastern part of the region and you’ll find a cave. First, you’ll encounter fallen enemies. However, there will be many of them waiting for you in the next room.

After beating them, use the stairs on your left and continue your path. The crate will be in a new room.

Halo Infinite – ‘Pelican Down’ Spartan Core Locations

There are 5 Spartan Core locations in the ‘Pelican Down’ area. While these locations have a number, you can collect them in any order you choose. Plus, you can do so before doing the main objective, during the mission, or after you have completed it.

Spartan Core 26 location

The first core in the area can be found near the yellow icon at the center of the map.

Go east and look for a huge fallen (and destroyed) ship. Climb the upper part of it and you’ll find the crate.

Spartan Core 27 location

During this mission, you’ll have to destroy some anti-air cannons. Go to the one on the east and pass through the gravitational lift. You’ll find a cave entrance.

Go inside the cave and follow the linear path. You’ll face the crate in a few seconds.

Spartan Core 28 location

The next one is near the anti-canon in the northern area. Find a warehouse based near the border of the map.

Once you find it, simply walk inside. The box with the Spartan Core will be right in front of you.

Spartan Core 29 location

This Spartan Core won’t be marked unless you destroy a propaganda tower near it. Both the tower and the core are southwest of the previous anti-air cannon.

You’ll notice that you’re near the tower when you start hearing a grunt communicate. Then, the collectible will be near the yellow road on your map.

Spartan Core 30 location

If you go to the west anti-air cannon, you can find a huge elevator on the southwest side of it. On the lower floor, go to the left.

The core will be near some rocks and a weapon.

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Halo Infinite – ‘Sequence’ Spartan Core Locations

The remaining 15 Spartan Core locations are for the ‘Sequence’ area, the last region of the island that you’ll unlock.

While we have numbered these, you can collect them in any order you choose. You can also visit previous areas and find any core you have missed before.

Spartan Core 31 location

From FOB November, follow the yellow road and take the right path when you can. Then just move forward for a few meters.

You’ll end up near the edge of the map, in a zone full of pillars. The core is around multiple weapons and boxes.

Spartan Core 32 location

Before or after going to the west beacon, head to the southwest. If you’re going well, you’ll notice a bridge on the way.

The core will be near some ammo and trees. Beware of strong enemies using camo in the area.

Spartan Core 33 location

If you go north from FOB Lima, you’ll notice a bunch of pillars. The objective marker will indicate to you that the collectible is above them, however, it’s inside a location.

Simply go forward and enter the Forerunner facility. You’ll have to use the grappleshot to climb some platforms. The crate will be right in front of you, but you’ll have company on the other side of the room.

Spartan Core 34 location

The next one is easier to find when you go east of Arthoc (a high-value target) and you don’t follow the yellow road. Instead, climb the pillars until you’re above this new area.

Then, all you need to do is jump and reach the lower ground. The crate will be under a big structure, near fallen soldiers and enemies. Beware of a Banshee flying around.

Spartan Core 35 location

This one will be easier when you’re invading Riven Gate, a banished outpost located east of the previous collectible.

When inside this outpost, you’ll have to lower the gates in order to continue with the objective. Then, you’ll be able to access through a building, which has a generator that you need to explode.

The Spartan Core will be in the following room.

Spartan Core 36 location

Another core inside an outpost. This time, the Annex Ridge one.

During your time here, you have to destroy some silos. Near one of them is a huge bunker with two entrances. On the left side of it, you’ll find a small warehouse with a crate in it.

Spartan Core 37 location

From FOB Juliet, go to the west. You’ll start in a swamp, with some enemies around, and the marker will indicate that the collectible is nearby. However, this is a misdirection.

You need to go through this first section and start descending to a floor or pillars. If you continue going to the left, you’ll find an enemy camp right outside a Forerunner facility.

Deal with them and enter the place. The crate will be on the other side of the first door you see.

Spartan Core 38 location

This one is also wrongly indicated. You need to go near the north beacon, in a region full of pillars. While the marker will indicate that the core is above you, it won’t.

Simply enter the area and defeat the enemies wandering around.

Spartan Core 39 location

From the previous location, go to the southeast. You’ll find a Forerunner Artifact near some banished objects. What you need to do is follow the road of the artifact. It will lead you to an underground section.

While the marker will indicate that the crate is above the mountain, you need to go below. Inside this dark area, there will be many enemies. The core will be around a broken ring.

Spartan Core 40 location

An easy one while you’re visiting the north beacon. Simply use any of the two stairs around it and go to the upper floor. The core will be near weapons and boxes.

While the beacon will be surrounded by enemies, you can get this core without fighting.

Spartan Core 41 location

Head to the south beacon, which is near the FOB Kilo. Once you get near the structure, which will be highly guarded by enemies, don’t go up like in the previous core. This crate will be behind the beacon, on the ground level.

Spartan Core 42 location

From where Barroth (a high-value target) is based, go to the northwest. You’ll see several pillars: it’s time to climb!

The crate will be near some other boxes with ammo and weapons. If you’re having trouble reaching this high point on the map, you should steal a Banshee or ask for a Wasp in any of your captured FOBs.

Spartan Core 43 location

For this one, you should look for the bridge connecting this region and the Pelican Down one. Once you find it, go a few meters to the east.

There will be a destroyed ship on a small hill. Go inside what remains of it and the crate will be right there.

Spartan Core 44 location

Another core in which you shouldn’t follow the map marker very much. It’ll be indicated above a region of pillars, but you need to get inside a cave.

Head west from the Fortune Squad. Look for an opening near the pillars, around broken and fallen trees. If you follow that path, you’ll find the entrance.

The crate will be around fusion coils and grenades. Beware of enemies around because this is a dark area.

Spartan Core 45 location

The last Spartan Core is next to the southwestern beacon. Once you are in front of the structure and you’ve defeated the enemies, head to the right.

The crate will be near some trees, rocks, and weapons.

And that’s that – if you collected all of the above, you should then have six left over. Best of luck unlocking all the upgrades you need!

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