Stray music sheet locations

Knowing the location of the sheet music will help you complete one of the few side quests in Stray.

All of Stray’s sheet music can be found in The Slums, as can the robot that needs them: Morusque.

Finding all of Morusque’s sheet music will earn you a small reward and unlock one of Stray’s trophies.

Sheet Music Locations in Stray

There are eight scores in total hidden in The Slums of Stray.

If you find all of these sheet music and give them to Morusque, the robot with a guitar found in one of the alleys near the Guardian, you will get a small reward and unlock one of Stray’s trophies.

Below you will find all the sheet music locations, so you can collect them all for Morusque:

Location of sheet music 1

The first sheet music is hidden in Momo’s apartment; To find it you must enter the room located at the end of the small hallway by sliding through the bars of the door.

Once you’re inside this room, climb onto the nearby boxes to grab the sheet music from the shelf.

Location of sheet music 2

Finding the second sheet music involves a fair amount of climbing, so using The Guardian as a starting point, you’ll want to head down the stairs and jump on top of the stack of cubes next to the vending machine outside the bar.

From here you can climb to the roof of the bar and, once there, use the air vents to reach the highest part of the roof.

After doing so, you will need to climb onto the roof directly in front of you.

Now turn to your right and jump towards the pipe.

Then, jump to the balcony and then to the table where you will find the sheet music.

We recommend grabbing the sixth score while you’re here, since it’s nearby.

Location of sheet music 3

The third sheet music can be found in Elliot’s house: simply scratch the door to enter and you will find the sheet music taped to the portrait right in front of the door.

Collectibles are hidden throughout Stray, including B-12 memorabilia and badges. You can also use your cat powers to find sheet music, energy drinks, and plant locations. Don’t forget Stray’s trophies either, but if the game is for you, make sure you know Stray’s length.

Location of sheet music 4

For this score, you will first need to find an energy drink. After doing so, head to the market, located to the right of The Guardian, and buy the sheet music for an energy drink.

Location of sheet music 5

This sheet music is located on the table in the middle booth on the upper floor of the bar.

Location of sheet music 6

For the sixth score, you must visit the floor where Clementine’s Notebook is located.

To get to this floor, follow the same steps you took to get the second sheet music, but, once you’re in the pipe, head through the open window.

Now that you’re in the apartment, go through the broken door into the back room, where you’ll find the sheet music on a shelf at the far right of the bed.

Location of sheet music 7

This sheet music is on the piano where Doc’s notebook is located.

If you’re having trouble finding this apartment, head to The Guardian before going down the stairs directly in front of them. There, on the side of the building opposite the bar, you will find a box that, when climbed, will allow you to climb this structure.

Once you’re on top of the building, jump over the next two sections of the roof, passing the table and chairs.

From this point, you can see the blue Forasteros sign in front of an apartment; This is where you need to go and can be easily reached by traversing the rooftops.

You need to visit the floor in the distance.

Location of sheet music 8

The eighth and final score is locked in a safe, which can be found in a small alley to the right of Morusque.

To unlock the safe, you will need the code hidden behind the image below on the bar. Just use your claws! However, scroll past this image if you want to know what the code is without having to cause cat vandalism.

Tear down this image to find the code.

The code is 1283.

Once you’ve found a sheet of music, you can take it to Morusque and listen to the robot play the song you just found. He’ll even give you a small badge after you’ve given him all eight sheet music.

After completing this side quest, it’s a good idea to collect all of The Slums’ memories.

Good luck searching for music on Stray!

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