Genshin Impact Cursed Blade Ascension materials, stats, and who should use Cursed Blade

The Cursed Sword in Genshin Impact is a 4-star sword introduced as part of update 2.8.

Although he debuted at the same time as Anemo 4-Star’s new character Heizou, he cannot use it because he is a catalyst carrier. Since the sword is part of the Kazuha Story Quest, he can equip it if you don’t have better options.

Kazuha isn’t the only character in Genshin Impact who can use the Cursed Sword, so we’ll go over which characters can benefit from the sword’s stats and all the ascension materials you need to upgrade the 4-star weapon below.

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Genshin Impact Cursed Blade Skill, Stats, and Attack Damage

The Cursed Sword is a 4-star sword that increases the attack stat of any character who equips it. This is beneficial for those whose abilities increase from a higher attack number, whether it be pure damage potential or a healing effect.

Here’s a summary of Cursed Blade’s abilities and stats in Genshin Impact:

  • Rarity: 4 stars
  • Base Attack: 42
  • Secondary Stat: Attack
  • Secondary stat value: 9
  • Special Skill (Passive): Isshin Art Clarity (When a normal, charged, or diving attack hits an opponent, it will create a Hewing Gale, dealing AOE damage equal to 180% of the attack and increasing attack by 15% for eight seconds, but this effect can only be activated once every eight seconds)

As it is a weapon obtained through the Kazuha Story Quest, you will not be able to refine the Cursed Sword.

Thanks to information obtained by Honeyhunterworld, the following table provides a more detailed look at Cursed Blade’s base attack and secondary attack for each level:

Cursed Blade Level base attack Secondary attack
Level 1 42 9
Level 5 56 10.5
Level 10 74 12.3
Level 15 91 14.1
Level 20 109 15.9
Level 20 (after first Ascension) 135 15.9
Level 25 152 17.7
Level 30 170 19.5
Level 35 187 21.4
Level 40 205 23.2
Level 40 (after the second Ascension) 231 23.2
Level 45 248 25
Level 50 266 26.8
Level 50 (after the third Ascension) 292 26.8
Level 55 309 28.6
Level 60 327 30.4
Level 60 (after the fourth Ascension) 353 30.4
Level 65 370 32.3
Level 70 388 34.1
Level 70 (after the fifth Ascension) 414 34.1
Level 75 431 35.9
Level 80 449 37.7
Level 80 (after the sixth Ascension) 475 37.7
Level 85 492 39.5
Level 90 510 41.3

Genshin Impact Cursed Blade Ascension Materials

Deadly figurine material.

To get the Cursed Sword to level 90, you will have to use Ascension materials to upgrade the sword. This requires a lot of Mora and agricultural materials.

It will be necessary to obtain masks, figurines and spectral materials of various rarities to increase the level of Ascension of the Cursed Sword.

Materials can be found while exploring, in domains, dropped by enemies, participating in events, and some can even be purchased from the various in-game stores.

The following table details which Cursed Blade Ascension materials you need to upgrade the sword:

Cursed Blade Ascension Level Ascension Materials Blackberry
Level 20 x3 Mask of the Evil Lieutenant, x3 Shadow Figurine, x2 Spectral Husk 5,000
Level 40 x3 Tiger Bite Mask, x12 Grim Figurine, x8 Spectral Husk 15,000
Level 50 x6 Tiger Bite Mask, x6 Dark Figurine, x6 Spectral Heart 20,000
Level 60 x3 Mask of the One Horn, x12 Dark Figurine, x9 Spectral Heart 30,000
Level 70 x6 Mask of the One Horn, x9 Deadly Figurine, x6 Spectral Core 35,000
Level 80 x4 Mask of the Kijin, x18 Deadly Figurine, x12 Spectral Core 45,000

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Who should use Cursed Blade in Genshin Impact?

The Cursed Sword will not be used for any character’s best build, as there are other 4-star swords that are more suitable if you want to increase your DPS potential, such as Amenoma Kageuchi, Iron Sting, or Black Sword.

However, if you are a new Genshin Impact player, you may not have these swords yet. If that’s the case, then you can equip the Cursed Sword to any sword wielder you’re building around their attack stat.

If it’s based on attack, here’s who should use the Cursed Sword in Genshin Impact:

  • Ayaka
  • Ayato
  • Cowboy
  • kazuha
  • keqing
  • Qiqi
  • Traveler

Jean, Ayato, and Keqing can benefit from Cursed Blade’s attack stats. | Image credit: Eurogamer.

Keep in mind that if you’re building an Elemental DPS or sub DPS character, the Cursed Sword will be pretty useless (unless you really don’t have a good substitute).

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