Destiny 2 BrayTech Osprey god roll and drop location

The BrayTech Osprey is a Legendary Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2. It was originally added during the Warmind expansion era, near the beginning of Destiny 2, and returned for Season of the Deep.

This is a high-impact rocket launcher, designed to deal significant damage to individual targets.

This page will detail how to get the BrayTech Osprey in Destiny 2 and what makes the BrayTech Osprey a god.

In this page:

How to get BrayTech Osprey in Destiny 2

BrayTech Osprey is a Nightfall weapon. Initially, it comes exclusively from completing the Nightfall attack, but only when it’s the featured weapon in the weekly Nightfall rotation.

Completing Nightfall while the BrayTech Osprey is active gives you a chance to earn the weapon, but it’s not a guarantee. It all comes down to luck with drop rates. Successful Nightfalls on higher difficulties carry a higher chance of the weapon being rewarded at the end. By completing it on Grandmaster difficulty, an expert version of the BratTech Osprey can also be obtained. This one will have slightly higher specs and can be fitted with suitable mods.

After collecting a BrayTech Osprey the first time, it will be unlocked for Focused Decoding. You will now be able to spend Glimmer and Legendary Shards to upgrade a Vanguard Engram into a BrayTech Osprey, giving you more opportunities to get the perks you want.

The Season of the Depths is here along with the Into the Depths quest. You too can know how to go fishing! Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King’s Fall challenge rotation schedule!

BrayTech Osprey God Roll recommendation in Destiny 2

BrayTech Osprey is less about crowd control, more about making a target very, very dead. The perfect BrayTech Osprey, or ‘God Roll’, is all about hitting hard and can work wonders if used in conjunction with a Void subclass.

Here is our recommended BrayTech Osprey divine roll in Destiny 2:

  • Fast food
  • high speed rounds
  • cluster bombs
  • Frenzy
  • Impressive recovery

Quick Launch has an easy job: increasing speed, which directly translates to on-hit damage. The extra handling is nice, but it’s all about damage.

Speaking of speed, high speed rounds! There are actually 2 perks that add +10 to speed, but this comes with an increase in reload speed, allowing you to fire your next rocket faster for even more damage.

The autoloading holster wouldn’t be a bad option, but the cluster bombs are just too good to pass up. This adds a group of bombs (surprise!) after a rocket explodes. Each bomb detonates to deal additional damage. This can help clear groups, but excels against large targets like bosses, which take damage from the entire group.

The rocket frenzy is wonderful. Once you are in combat for 12 seconds, damage will be buffed, handling will be increased, and reload speed will be increased. If you’re lighting a boss, you’ve most likely been in combat during that time. These are free benefits!

Impressive Recovery is one of two selectable origin traits. Neither option is exceptional, but Stunning Recovery is excellent in certain situations. With it, stunning a champion will partially recharge your mag, increase recovery, and trigger health regeneration. It’s a very situational situation, but fighting Champions is exactly the kind of situation where it’s nice to have an advantage.

As usual, once you have your preferred roll, be sure to upgrade it to Masterwork to give it a stat boost, the ability to spawn orbs on multiple kills, and add the option for a kill tracker.

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