Fortnite Drift: How to unlock all styles, including the Drift Mask

Fortnite Drift is a bundle with progressive unlocks throughout Season 5.

Once unlocked by progressing through the Battle Pass, you will be able to unlock additional outfit styles with XP. Like Ragnarok and Road Trip, this is essentially an end-game thing, giving you a long-term goal beyond the usual list of challenges.

The good news is that there’s no longer a rush to complete them this season – your progress will carry over to Season 5 and beyond once they’ve been unlocked.

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Fortnite drift explained

Drift, like Ragnarok, is an outfit that is unlocked through the Season 5 Battle Pass. Once you’ve purchased it, it will immediately unlock for you to use.

Once unlocked, there are more challenges to complete to unlock all styles. Unlike birthday or weekly challenges, these are not tied to specific in-game activities, but simply to XP accumulation.

Again, a welcome change this season is that not all stages need to be unlocked at the end of the season and will persist through Season 6 (and we assume beyond).

How to unlock all Fortnite Drift styles

To unlock each stage, you must earn XP. To do this, complete matches and challenges – our Fortnite XP page explains this in more detail, but in short, play well and if you focus on the challenges, you will be able to overcome them faster.

Each stage of the respective costumes will be unlocked at the following points:

Drift experience Level
Style 1 10000 14
Style 2 25000 twenty-one
Style 3 and mask 50000 30
Style 4 and a bit 100000 41
Style 5 200000 57

Thanks to speedyproYT on reddit for the calculations in the previous level. Please note that we have rounded each one, so we will unlock the style when you reach the indicated level.

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Fortnite drift skin and other stages up close

So what exactly do you get when you unlock all Drift styles? Here is each stage, one by one:

Default drift style

Drift Style 1

Drift Style 2

Drift Style 3

Drift Style 4

Drift Style 5

And finally, the Drift Pickaxe up close, unlocked along with the fourth style:

Drift Pickaxe “Rift Edge” – Animation/Sound from r/FortNiteBR To view this content, please enable targeting cookies. Manage cookie settings

Once again, there is no rush to unlock them as you will be able to do so after the end of the season. But of course, bragging rights are at stake, and if you’re especially interested in getting a particular stage, the above tells you what level to aim for.

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