Fortnite Baller locations, how to use The Baller in different matches

Fortnite’s The Baller is a new type of vehicle in the game introduced as part of Season 8.

The Baller is a farm from the first land vehicle, and is far from the fastest, but it still allows you to move around the map quickly and complete the occasional weekly challenge – if you know The Baller’s locations, of course.

In the meantime, if you’re just getting started, our Fortnite Battle Royale tips and tricks can provide some useful advice for newcomers.

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Fortnite Airplane Locations

The Baller in Fortnite appears in the same way that other vehicles, such as the Plane, have in the past: throughout the map in specific locations, but only a limited number at a time.

It can often be a bit hidden, especially in the Pirate Camp locations, where you can often find them, as the Ballers will be hidden inside some structures behind some rubble, and will be clearly visible outside others, such as the old Posts. advanced where airplanes could previously be found. Here’s a rundown of the specific places we’ve found them so far.

Possible Fortnite Baller locations include:

Fortnite airplane locations map

More specifically, these are:

Frosty Flights, a named location in the southwest of the map:

West of Polar Peak, in the Pirate Camp:

Northeast of Happy Hamlet, at the outpost halfway up the hill.

Southwest of Tilted Towers, in the Pirate Camp:

Northwest of Fatal Fields, in the Pirate Camp:

West of Dusty Divot in the Pirate Camp:

South of Retail Row, in the Pirate Camp on the edge of the desert:

West of Lonely Lodge, next to the outpost that used to be an airstrip on the hill:

Southwest of the Volcano in the Pirate Camp surrounded by lava:

West of Sunny Steps in an outpost between the large pools of water.

Northwest of Lazy Lagoon at a pirate camp on a hill

Northeast of Pleasant Park on a hill outpost

Southeast of Pleasant Park at Pirate Camp in the woods

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How to control the Fortnite Baller and use The Baller effectively

Once you’ve found the Fortnite Baller, it’s time to get rolling.

Fortnite player controls

Fortnite player controls personal computer Playstation 4 xbox one Change
Increase Space x TO b
Fire Grappling Hook (Hold) Left mouse button R2 RT ZR
Release grappling hook (release) Left mouse button R2 RT ZR
Exit player my Square x AND

On mobile devices, there are on-screen buttons that represent the above, which makes things a little simpler!

Tips for the Fortnite player

Aside from the basic flying move, there are a few useful things you should know about using The Baller in Fortnite. Here’s a summary of some tips we’ve learned so far:

Turn Spider-Man into a ball: use the grappling hook as if you were launching a web over New York. The trick is to try to dodge things from the side, rather than swinging under the treetops above you; Side hooks seem to generate a lot more speed and momentum as you overtake what you’ve grabbed.

Climb Almost Anything: Similarly, as in the image above, you can use the grappling hook to scale seemingly vertical surfaces like cliffs. Just grab something above you, push and repeat as you go and you’ll get there.

Uses hot air vents to cover long distances: It’s probably not the fastest, but it’s fun.

Other quick things to know about the X-4 Stormwing:

  • Neither you nor the Baller suffer damage from falls while riding it.
  • The Baller will protect you from incoming fire.
  • You can bounce off structures like a pinball, adding speed and momentum.
  • You can’t shoot while you’re inside.
  • Crashing into another plane doesn’t result in an immediate explosion either: they will most likely just bounce off each other!

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