Valorant Ignition Battle Pass weapon skins, buddies and price explained

Ignition: Act 1 is the title of Valorant’s first battle pass and comes with a variety of rewards you can earn, including weapon skins.

You can also earn a variety of friends, which are small gifts that will be attached to the weapon you choose while you play.

The Battle Pass isn’t the only way to earn rewards in Valorant: you can also earn rewards themed around specific Agents by completing their specific Agent Contract.

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Valorant Ignition: Act 1 Battle Pass Free Weapon Skin

The free track for the Valorant Ignition Battle Pass: Act 1 includes in the weapon skin:

Level 50 – Classic Kingdom

Valorant Ignition: Act 1 Battle Pass Main Weapon Skins

Below you can find all the weapon skins that you can unlock by completing the Valorant Ignition: Act 1 battle pass:

Level 1 – Bucky Kingdom

Level 5: Kingdom Specter

Level 10 – Haute Couture Bulldog

Level 15 – Couture Stinger

Level 16: Couture Frenzy

Level 20: Couture Marshal

Level 25 – Ghost of the Kingdom

Level 30: Dot Exe Odin

Level 35: Ghost Dot Exe

Level 40: Dot Exe Judge

Level 45: Dot Exe Vandal

Level 50 – Melee Realm

Valorant Ignition: Free Act 1 Friend Battle Pass

The Valorant Ignition: Act 1 free track offers three different types of companions for your loadout and you will receive two of each friend.

These are the friends you can unlock:

Level 10 – EP 1 2020 Coin Buddy

Level 30: Radianite Crystal Companion

Level 45: Toaster Companion

Valorant Ignition: Act 1 Battle Pass Core Companions

You can earn up to eight friends in the Valorant Ignition: Act 1 premium track, and you’ll receive two from each friend you unlock.

Below you can find all the friends you can unlock in the premium track:

Level 2: GL has a cat friend

Level 7: Cash Companion

Level 14: Cheesy Friend

Level 23 – Donut Friend

Level 33 – Pizza Friend

Level 37: Bullet Companion

Level 44: Radianite Box Companion

Level 47: Ascent Rising Companion

It’s great to complete Valorant’s first battle pass!

Valorant is here! Our handy Valorant tips and tricks page is a great place to start. Otherwise, check out the Season One Battle Pass skins and our Valorant Agent Tier List and list of the best Valorant weapons to help you rise through the ranks. If you are seeking technical advice, make sure you meet the required, minimum, recommended, and high-level specifications and know how to resolve any Valorant error codes.

Valorant Ignition: Act 1 Battle Pass Price

The battle pass for Ignition: Act 1, the first season of Valorant, is divided into two different paths: free and premium.

While you don’t need to purchase a Battle Pass to complete the “Play to Unlock Free Agents” rewards track or Agent Contacts, most rewards for the Ignition: Act 1 Battle Pass can only be earned by purchasing the premium pass. approve.

The Premium Battle Pass costs 1,100 Valorant Points, which is Valorant’s in-game currency. You can purchase a pack of 1,100 Valorant Points for £9.99.

Once you’ve unlocked everything you need, the next step is to climb to the top of the ranking system.

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