Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth save carry over bonuses and save transfer explained

Save Transfer Bonuses allow you to unlock some additional benefits in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth if you have already played the Remake, INTERmission Episode, or the Rebirth demo.

These bonuses can be very useful during your Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth adventure, especially during the game’s opening hours. If you’ve played Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you may also want to know if you can transfer your save data to Rebirth.

We answer this question below, plus take a look at Final Fantasy 7’s save data carry bonuses and how to get them.

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Can you transfer save data to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your save data from Final Fantasy 7 Remake to Rebirth. This means you’re starting over without any of the weapons, equipment, Materia, or character levels you earned in Remake. (Unless you haven’t played the Remake, then you wouldn’t have any of this stuff anyway.)

However, you can unlock a selection of Final Fantasy 7 Remake save data transfer bonuses if you played it on PlayStation 5, Episode INTERmission and/or from the Rebirth demo.

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Save Data Transfer Bonuses in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Here are the save data transfer bonuses and which games you need data from to unlock them in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth:

  • Leviathan Summon: Save Data for Final Fantasy 7 Remake
  • Ramuh Summon – Save Data for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Episode INTERmission
  • Kupo Charm – Save data for the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo
  • Survival Set: Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Demo Save Data

Remember: Final Fantasy 7 Remake save data must be on your PlayStation 5 to unlock its bonus.

There is also a selection of pre-order bonuses, which you can find out about on our everything you need to know about Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth page.

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How to Get Save Data Transfer Bonuses in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

There are two ways to check if you’re eligible for save data transfer bonuses in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. The first is to select the ‘Bonuses’ option from the main menu, which can be done before you have even started playing properly. The second is through the ‘DLC/Bonuses’ option in the game’s ‘System’ menu.

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While you can unlock the bonuses from any of these menus, you won’t receive them until you’ve completed the flashback in Chapter 1: A Hero’s Fall. If you try to unlock the bonuses before this point, you will receive an instruction asking you to complete said flashback.

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I hope you enjoy the save data transfer bonuses in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth!

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