Watch Dogs 2 – How to get more Followers, level up and earn Research points

How to get more followers in Watch Dogs 2

There are multiple sources of followers in the game:

Top Ops: This is the easiest source of followers. While the number varies, you’ll earn a healthy number for the missions you complete; The game’s early CyberDriver missions range between 27,000 and 46,000, for example, with similar numbers in later missions. Completing the final mission, Motherload, will give you 402,800 followers in one go.

Secondary operations: similar to the previous ones, they vary depending on the mission, but generally have 5 figures.

Online Operations – Again, mission dependent and range in the 5 figure region. Interestingly, this is the only area of ​​the game with difficulty levels, and the harder the mission, the more followers you will gain. Remember that online operations are randomly generated and infinite, so you can keep accumulating them over and over again and they can also be played solo.

Other multiplayer activities: In addition to online operations (which can be done solo), participating in multiplayer activities gives you additional followers, depending on your performance. Bounty Hunter will get you between 5,000 and 25,000 followers, while Hacking Invasions ranges between 4,000 and 15,000. You can enable online activities and have players come to you, or search for them with the app, and depending on how good you are, it could prove to be a quick and easy way to repeatedly gain followers, perhaps more so than doing main story missions. .

Multiplayer events can be a decent source of followers.

Do you want more tips? Our Watch Dogs 2 walkthrough and guide provides an overview of everything you can do in the open-world game, from finding all key data locations, unique vehicles, and finding hidden gnomes and gnome outfits, to racing tips, ScoutX, Driver SF. and multiplayer. We also have tutorials on side quests specific to Ubistolen Trophies and Achievements, $911, and Shadows, as well as how to get more followers and how to earn money.

Driver: SF – These short driving missions can earn you between 6,600 and 11,000 followers, depending on your star rating. Since some of these quests take only five minutes to complete, they are a pretty quick and easy source. The number of stars you receive is added up, and you are granted additional followers at certain thresholds, such as a bonus of 12,000 followers at 21 stars and 25,000 at 50 stars.

ScoutX: Take a photo at a location indicated by ScoutX and you will get 8000 followers every time. While it’s technically a simple task, the small number of followers means it’s only worth it if you’re in the area, so we don’t recommend chaining them back to back. Your phone will ring if you pass one, or you can check the app to see how far you are from a hotspot.

Races: By completing optional races (Drone, Motocross, Sailboat), you will earn a small number of followers and cash. Depending on the medal, the higher the better. For example, a motocross race can generate 11,000 followers for a gold medal if completed in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds, which is not a bad return on your time.

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