FIFA 19 free kicks, penalties, and set pieces – how to take free kicks, score penalties and more

In FIFA free kicks have always been a somewhat complicated art. They change slightly each year, although with FIFA 19 free kicks and penalties seem to be remarkably similar to recent years, so they tend to take a bit of time to master.

That said, once you get the hang of them, a practice set piece taker can reliably score goals from a variety of ranges and angles, so with that in mind, we’ve put together a guide on how to take free kicks from effective way and how to score. penalties, as well as explaining other set pieces, such as throw-ins and corner kicks, so that you are certifiably lethal from any dead ball.

FIFA 19 Free Kicks: How to Shoot and Perform Free Kicks with Knuckles, Trivela, Power, Curls and Dips

Most of FIFA’s previous free kicks return this year, including FIFA 17’s old addition, the trivela. Essentially an outside-foot shot from a dead-ball situation, that special play allows you to bend the ball around the outside of the wall and into the top corner of the near post for the first time. Mastering it will mean you can reliably score from both sides of the goal with just one shooter.

While experimenting, we found that YouTuber Krasi has the most reliable methods for free kicks yet, which we detail below. Here is the video of him explaining them too:

FIFA 19 All Free Kicks Walkthrough – How to Score Every Free Kick (Curve-Driven Immersion Trivela Power)

type of free kick Optimal range Strong foot side Required attributes Description
Curly free kick Short (less than 25 yards) Right on the right side of the goal. Left on the left side of the goal. High curve Aim one meter from the first post. Two power bars + thrust 45 degrees up and towards the finish on LS.
Submerged free kick Short Right to rightLeft to left High FKA low curve Aim between the heads of the two defenders on the outside of the wall. 1-2 power bars, with the LS point facing up.
Free kick with fictitious pass Very short Any Any Call both players with L2+R1. Perform a ‘fake shot’ skill move with
Driven free kick/under the wall Short Right to rightLeft to left High power low curve Aim for the space between the player’s legs on the outside wall with LS. Hold L1, charge up 1 bar of power, and push up LS while doing so.
Trivela free kick Short Right to leftLeft to right High FKAHigh curve Use LS to aim one meter outside the near post. Use RS to move your run up, in line with the ball, near the post and off the wall. Load 2 power bars, point LS 45 degrees up and toward the target.
Free kick with diving power Long (over 25 yards) Right to right. Left to left. High voltage Aim for the space between defenders on the outside of the wall with LS. Load 3 to 3.5 bars of power while holding L1 and pushing up LS.
Knuckle free kick Long Any High voltage Aim for the other side of the goal with LS. Charge 3 power bars while holding L1 and aim 45 degrees up and to the goalkeeper’s side with L1.
Free throw with power curl Long Right to right. Left to left. High powerHigh curve Aim 2-3 meters outside the near post. Charge 2.5-3.5 bars of power. Hold L1+Shoot and aim 45 degrees up and towards the goal with LS while doing so.
Power trivela free throw Long Left to rightRight to left. High curveHigh FKAHigh power Move the starting position with RS to align with the ball, close to the post and away from the wall. Then aim 2-3 meters outside the near post. Hold L1 and charge 2-3 power bars and aim 45 degrees up and towards the center of the goal.

Skill Games mode is still a great way to practice.

FIFA penalties: how to take penalties in FIFA 19

The sanctions have not changed since last year. They are still quite difficult to score and are still largely based on just two things: the direction you point and the amount of power you apply.

Actually, the main thing to remember is that they allow you to change the exact position of your player before starting the race, the speed of the race and the exact direction of the shot until the last minute, with the left analog stick pointing in the direction exact goal, rather than relying on some kind of “speedup” mechanic as it was in the past.

How to take penalties in FIFA 19:

  • Penalties are initiated by pressing LS in any direction to start a race, either charging the power of your shot. You can do either first.
  • The direction of the penalty is dictated by two things: LS direction for left and right; power for greater or lesser.
  • For a high penalty, look for around 2.5 bars of power.
  • For a low penalty, aim for about 1.5 bars of power.
  • You can adjust your initial running position with RS, to fool the opponent (it’s still unclear how much this actually affects your penalty direction, if at all).
  • Remember that you can change the direction of your penalty at any time, simply by pressing LS in the desired direction at any time during the race; You don’t need to program in the direction while holding down the fire button.
  • When you take penalties for the first time, the direction indicator will be visible; If you play locally, that means your friend will also be able to see where you are pointing. Turn it off by pressing ‘Up’ on the D-pad (we recommend practicing with it on, until you get the muscle memory, and then turning it off to perfect it).

How to perform other set pieces such as corners and throw-ins in FIFA 19

Corner kicks and throw-ins are more or less identical in FIFA 19 to what they were in 18, although the different destinations of your cross, such as the near post, seem to be a little more or less successful than in the version of the last year. You still have a lot of control, so here’s how to make the most of each of them.

How to get the best corners in FIFA 19

  • Select a player: Choose the player you would like the ball to reach (regardless of their position for now) by pressing L1/LB until you reach the player of your choice.
  • Place the corner; Now, with that player selected, move the yellow cursor on the ground with LS to where you want the delivery to go. To place the corner, charge the delivery with the desired amount of energy by pressing Square/X (the less it floats, the more it boosts) and the cursor will lock in place.
  • Get your player into position; Then, move your previously selected player into position, ideally leaving yourself a couple of meters of free space to run after the cursor on the floor.
  • Take the corner; finally, take the corner by pressing the Square/X button again.

The best corners, in our experience so far, tend to be the front post or the back post, where there is generally more room to run and more opportunities to get an angle on headers.

How to take the best throw-ins, make false throws from the dummy in FIFA 19:

Once again, there are no changes from FIFA 18, simulated launches are still possible, still very useful and still performed in the same way.

Here’s how to take the simulated or simulated throw-in:

  • Decide which player you would like to throw at and which to feint; Our advice is to take into account the standard positions of the players: the defenders who take the shots will try to retreat towards the four defenders, the forwards and wingers will burst forward, while the midfielders will move forward or backwards, towards their starting position central. Think about that as you decide how you are going to push your opponent out of position and make some space for yourself.
  • Now simply perform the mock launch. The controls for this are exactly the same as for the fake shot: Square or Circle, then X on PlayStation, or X or B then A on Xbox. When you press the second button (X/A), make sure to aim LS at the desired target to throw it at them.

Finally, there’s another thing to note: goal kicks have changed, albeit slightly.

You now cannot move the camera and can perform a boosted goal kick by holding R1 while charging, like with other boosted passes. That’s all!

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