Elden Ring network test times, dates, how to access and download size explained

The Elden Ring Network Test will be available very soon for select players.

Presented as a network test, it is intended to showcase the game to multiple players while also serving as a test for the servers before the full release goes live on February 25, 2022. Fortunately, there are several sessions to participate in . in case you get lost or can’t participate in any of them.

This page will cover testing times for the Elden Ring network and how to access it, as well as preload times and what is offered during the network test across multiple sessions.

In this page:

New Elden Ring gameplay! Everything you need to know about the Elden Ring PS5 closed network test

What is the testing schedule for the Elden Ring network? Elden Ring network testing start and end times in GMT/UK, Europe, EST and PST

The Elden Ring Network Test is available in five sessions over one weekend. Please note that this is exclusively for PlayStation and Xbox (both current and older generation consoles) and is not eligible for PC.

For the Elden Ring network test, the start and end times in the UK and Europe are as follows:

Day Network test start time Network test end time
Friday, November 12 11:00 (GMT/UK)12:00 (CEST/Europe) 14:00 (GMT/UK) 15:00 (CEST/Europe)
Saturday November 13 3:00 (GMT/UK) 4:00 (CEST/Europe) 06:00 (GMT/UK) 07:00 (CEST/Europe)
Saturday November 13 19:00 (GMT/UK) 20:00 (CEST/Europe) 22:00 (GMT/UK)11:00 (CEST/Europe)
Sunday, November 14 11:00 (GMT/UK)12:00 (CEST/Europe) 14:00 (GMT/UK) 15:00 (CEST/Europe)
Monday, November 15 3:00 (GMT/UK) 4:00 (CEST/Europe) 06:00 (GMT/UK) 07:00 (CEST/Europe)

For the Elden Ring network test, the US West Coast/East Coast start and end times are as follows:

Day Network test start time Network test end time
Friday, November 12 3 am (PST/US West Coast) 6 am (EST/US East Coast) 6 am (PST/US West Coast) 9 am (EST/US East Coast)
Friday, November 12 7 pm (PST / US West Coast) 10 pm (EST / US East Coast) 10 pm (PST/US West Coast) 1 am (EST/US East Coast)
Saturday November 13 11am (PST/US West Coast) 2pm (EST/US East Coast) 2:00 pm (PST/US West Coast) 5:00 pm (EST/US East Coast)
Sunday, November 14 3 am (PST/US West Coast) 6 am (EST/US East Coast) 6 am (PST/US West Coast) 9 am (EST/US East Coast)
Monday, November 15 7 pm (PST / US West Coast) 10 pm (EST / US East Coast) 10 pm (PST/US West Coast) 1 am (EST/US East Coast)

PS4 and PS5 users can match on the same game server; the same applies between Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Please note that Bandai Namco the above schedules are subject to change or cancellation.

Elden Ring Network Test Codes and Network Test Access Explained

Rather than being tied to pre-orders or special editions, the Elden Ring Network trial requires you to register for a chance to get an Elden Ring Network trial code.

The Elden Ring network test codes were mainly sent on Tuesday, November 9 in different regions. Not everyone received an invitation; If that is your case, you should have received an email informing you.

It is not sure if there will be another network test in the future. Considering we’re still a couple of months away from launch and depending on how this network test goes, who knows! Do not lose hope. At the very least, there will be plenty of online footage of the players to view.

A news post on the Elden Ring network testing site has a note about people who may have had problems with their codes, either due to their regions or due to an error saying “this code is already in use.” If you encountered any of these issues, you can find the steps to follow in the post, which also includes a support email.

Elden Ring Preload Times and Download Size

In addition to the startup times above, you can also start preloading to get everything set up and jump into the game as soon as it starts.

If you were one of the lucky players who received an invitation to the Elden Ring network test, you can redeem that code on your platform and start downloading the game now. If you haven’t registered, you won’t be able to enter or receive an invitation, unless you feel like spending money on eBay…

In case you’re wondering about the download size, there’s already some information available on PS5 (thanks to @PlaystationSize on Twitter for the datamine):

  • PS5: 6,888 GB (although this may vary after updates once the network test has started)

What appears in the Elden Ring network test?

The Elden Ring Network Test features a glimpse of the full release, allowing you to play as a pre-made character and explore the open world, as well as dungeons, fight enemies, and engage in online multiplayer.

The network test features five pre-made characters with a specific class and equipment from the start, but you can expect 11 classes as well as full character customization like other Soulsborne games. These are Warrior, Enchanted Knight, Prophet, Champion and Blood Wolf. We explain which one you should choose in our best Elden Ring starting class explanation.

If you’re wondering what to expect content-wise, the Elden Ring Network Test lets you explore the game’s opening area. We won’t give away any surprises, but you can expect to encounter many of the game’s core systems, including dungeons, bosses, and some of the combat elements. And yes, there is a horse.

It’s worth mentioning that this is a network test first and foremost. The developer will mainly test the game’s server load with a large influx of players, the overall balance of the game, and how the multiplayer mode works in general. The terms and conditions mention a survey, so there may be an opportunity to provide feedback on the experience.

All in all, be patient! At the very least, there will be several opportunities to get a small piece of Elden Ring. Once inside, keep in mind that it is dangerous to go alone, so knowing how to play with friends and how to unlock the horse will put you on the right path.

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